Fill your calendar with qualified appointments

  • Quickly setup and record patient demographic information when first scheduling an appointment.
  • A dynamic scheduling engine designed to find the perfect appointment time for both you and your patients
  • Creating an appointment is simple, just drag and drop and color code to highlight appointment type
  • Confirm appointments with message notifications to keep you calendar filled with revenue opportunities
  • View historical patient activities, chart notes, scheduling, visits, and marketing activities without leaving the scheduler
  • Built for single or multiple locations and providers
  • View and update scheduling information through the web
  • Utilize block scheduling to reserve key dates and times for specific activities
  • Record marketing source when appointment is made for post marketing opportunities
  • Reports to measure and monitor schedule utilization levels and performance
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What our Clients are Saying

Having used TIMS Audiology for many years, I have been most impressed with the forward thinking of the Computers Unlimited staff in regards to maintaining HIPAA compliance, moving toward a paperless office and increasing effectiveness through software upgrades. Our audiologists and front office staff are able to work more efficiently and I am able to more accurately track outcomes of their work, thanks to TIMS. I have recommended TIMS Software to colleagues, and I continue to do so with enthusiasm.

Hampden Hearing Center

I will continue to recommend TIMS Audiology for everyone who struggles with their office management system. Your software is the best I’ve found. The support of your team is unbelievable.

Beltone Hearing Aid Centers

We spent several years researching several audiology software packages before we made a final decision on TIMS Audiology Software. In the end, what we found was TIMS had the best user interface. It was simple and easy to use. The fact that CU was developing new interfaces was very appealing to us, for example – the QuickBooks integration. We were aware that the QuickBooks integration was not ready to use at the time we began using the software, but that the development would be completed shortly. That was a big selling point for us – knowing that CU believed in product development. One of the biggest changes we saw was the ability to process electronic claims; we simply did not have a way to do that before. So until TIMS, we had to use a third party billing service and the lag time for payment was significant. The turnaround time from billing to payment has been reduced.

The Hearing Center

If we need support or have an issue, once BJ gets involved things get fixed and put back together. Thanks BJ ! We appreciate you .

Janet Gitersonke, Anderson Audiology

Shaun was wonderful, she was very patient and explained things clearly. We raised a number of clarifications and she responded in a gentle and splendid manner. Thank you, again Shaun.

William Rozar, Berks

Very impressive work by BJ who had to walk me through downloading of session to enable his access to NL Frontdesk - he kept in touch throughout which was very helpful; very much appreciate assistance and fast resolve.

Susan Reid, New Lynn Clinic

Shaun is amazing. She is informative, friendly and patient. I feel a higher level of confidence after just these few sessions and am thankful that she is available should I run into any questions. A+ & THANK YOU!

Tara W., Bonnie Rubin Audiology

I deal regularly with both Shaun and BJ and can't say enough good about them - they teach with patience and resolve problems - we're so happy we committed to TIMS!

Burntwood Hearing

Your team does an awesome job ensuring that we remain up and running. They have always been professional, extremely helpful and friendly. Kudos

Karla, Medicine Hat Hearing

BJ is the best!!! So patient & helpful!!

Nicole DeGaetano, Bonnie Rubin

BJ resolved everything with sync. Took the time to make adjustments in QB. OUTSTANDING!!!

Mark Scoones, West Coast Hearing

With the new TIMS A/R, we automatically see what someone owes and what’s been posted, right away. QBs was inefficient and our statements were very hard to read. It's eliminated all of the time we were spending on the phone explaining the invoice to our patients.

Libby-Rehder Hearing

I really depend on the “notes” within TIMS. When the ERNs come through, we can see what's allowed, what’s secondary, what the patient actually owes, or if Medicare mistakenly sent the payment to the patient instead of us.

Libby-Rehder Hearing

I like visiting with the vendors, too, like Review Wave. We started using Review Wave and we absolutely love it. We get great reviews! Our customer base is getting younger and they use Review Wave. It's a great resource for us and is inexpensive and easy to work with. I highly recommend them as a marketing resource for audiology practices.

Jacki-Rehder Hearing

I like to use the analytics and reporting. I can see when patients have open superbills and POS’s. I also love being able to see what products patients are waiting for, how long they have been on order, and when the patients are scheduled to be fit. I use numerous TIMS reports each month to make sure that we are running as smoothly as we can be.

Jacki-Rehder Hearing

TIMS is substantially different than any of the previous software I have used. It allows us to coordinate multiple functions within one software program. It provides excellent data tracking, reports, data analysis, billing capabilities, and because of its integration, TIMS has excellent communication with Noah and all manufacturer's programming software.

Doug-Rehder Hearing

We've also found the scheduling capabilities to be extremely beneficial with TIMS. We have four providers and multiple exam and fitting rooms and the TIMS Scheduler handles this extremely well. The color coding of appointments also gives us a quick overview of what’s happening for the day.

Doug-Rehder Hearing

Annabelle and Carrie are consistently fantastic, helpful, efficient and responsive; Thank you all so much. I couldn’t manage my practice without TIMS.

Jeanie-Kapiti Hearing


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There are 15 questions and answers to help you understand what you should expect with a complete EHR System.

TIMS celebrates many firsts, from the first provider to develop a fully integrated Electronic Claims Management System, the first to fully integrate NOAH, and the first to integrate directly with QuickBooks.

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