Are You Using Paper Superbills?

Streamline Your Billing with TIMS Superbill Functionality! 

Why Use a Superbill? Superbills help to ensure that all of the necessary information is included when submitting a claim. This can help to avoid delays or denials of payment. If you are still manually selecting your CPT and ICD-10 codes, entering patient information, clinic information, date of service, patient insurance information, and procedural notes to create a superbill manually,  TIMS Audiology Software can help!

TIMS Electronic Superbill was designed to benefit your practice by using a consolidated bill and improving your workflow. The built-in Superbill functionality gives you the control to add items such as evaluations and the necessary codes for procedures. Allowing you to also designate items for claims or patient responsibility. 

Once a Superbill is finalized, TIMS automatically moves the designated codes into our claims system for processing and creates an open invoice. From the invoicing section, your office can use our POS procedures to then post patient payments and provide additional customization specific to your practice.  

Simplifying the following tasks:

  • Easily access the Electronic Superbill with a click of the convenient 'Superbill' button
  • Quickly add procedure codes to the patient’s bill along with correlating diagnosis codes for claims
  • Select multiple codes at once using the “group select” option
  • Add Point of Sale lines as needed
  • Include added procedures or items, such as hearing aids, repairs, or battery club purchases
  • Create invoices while sending all insurance transactions to the claims system
  • Ensure ALL billable appointments have charges entered in a timely and efficient manner

TIMS Point of Sale (POS) offers a simple system for entering sales, receiving payments, and accepting returns. Request a demonstration with Donna today to see how easily you can create a superbill, create contracts and invoices, and submit claims—streamlining your billing process.

Updated 11/20/22

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