The Ease of Electronic Medical Records

If paperwork is overwhelming your day-to-day processes, we can help.  Electronic medical records are far more safe and secure then paper charts. By Implementing data entry, scanning documents, and using a signature pad, you can store and quickly access patient information as needed for both billing and marketing purposes. Save your staff hours of needless labor, (and paper) so they can spend more time on important things, like your patients. 

So, how do you get started and what does TIMS do?

scanning1. Scan It - Existing and new documents can be easily scanned into TIMS. Scanned documents appear as "Patient Documents" in the "Patient Activity Panel" and can then be retrieved in moments. Scan, choose your document category, then label the documents accordingly. Existing documents can be uploaded into the TIMS patient account by clicking on the paper clip icon and choosing to upload. Customize TIMS to suite your needs. 

2.  Save It - Electronic signatures can be captured into TIMS for your records and at the same time, you provide  a paper copy of a purchase agreement for your patient. Collect provider signatures, imported into TIMS and store them on documents, such as privacy agreements and insurance authorizations. Apply electronic patient signatures to patient forms, including assignment of benefits, privacy agreements, loaner agreements, bill of sale and purchase agreements. 

3.  Track It - When chart notes are recorded in TIMS Software, the database will log whoever updated the record last.  Click on "tracking," and have the ability to view the date a record was created and who last updated the record. Then save, print, email, or fax right from TIMS.    

4.  Secure It - All electronic documents are securely stored and can only be accessed and printed via TIMS Software and an authorized user login. Set up user logins and assign access permissions for specific tabs and reports within the program. You have complete control over who has access to patient records.

5. Own It - You own all the data and can retain control of your TIMS Software data locally and securely 24/7. In hosted and multi-site setups, a complete data set is retained at each location. As a business associate, Computers Unlimited has established reasonable and appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of protected health information.

Go paperless using TIMS Software for hearing practice management. Eliminate storage space costs, increase customer service response and conveniently access forms securely and on demand from any workstation.

See firsthand why our customers say TIMS is a "A Different Class of Software."

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