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If everything were equal, we wouldn't have nearly as many decisions to make in our day-to-day or long term choices. Choosing a software that is tailored to your business needs is a bit more tricky. Some are relatively the same, some have big differences. When you choose an audiology software, you expect to do so with the knowledge that you're making a long term decision with a software that will grow along with your practice and set you apart from your competitors. One of the things that sets TIMS apart is the Questionnaire Module. It's a new standard in TIMS Software and we think you'll appreciate it.

Initial Patient Visit
When a new patient comes into your office, it's a common presumption that you ask them a series of questions regarding their hearing issues in order for you to help treat them in the best way possible.

TIMS Questionnaire gives you the opportunity to ask those questions and, at the same time, save the answers to your patient's history record. When your patient comes in for subsequent visits you have all of their information at your fingertips helping you to help them.

Audiology Adult Case History Questionnaire TIMS Software

Patient Data

Produce an unlimited number of Questionnaires accessed from a convenient drop-down menu. During the initial patient evaluation, for instance, the Adult Case History Questionnaire lets you gather pertinent information such as what prompted the patient visit, whether or not the patient has been previously treated for ear problems, or recent ear pain or drainage. Rather than taking notes, you now have an easily accessible record of your patient's information.


Audiology Adult Case History Questionnaire TIMS Software

 Get answers to important patient questions and store them for future retrieval.


Automatically Store Valuable Statistics

The TIMS Questionnaire Module for audiologists lets you pre-build standardized question sets and custom reports to collect and visualize patient data. Gather important patient data and it becomes part of the patient's history enabling you to refer to your information as often as you need. TIMS gives you the option of creating and incorporating as few or as many questionnaires as you'd like for each patient, with the ability to easily review them. You'll see the date along with the name of the Questionnaire then simply double-click to view the questionnaire you need.


Janet Kautz-Business Solutions Specialist, TIMS Audiology

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