Master Your Practice With Mobile Sync

Do you struggle with accessing your EHR out of the office?
Stay productive, anywhere you and your laptop go! 

TIMS Mobile Sync with our on-premise version takes your practice to the next level. Now, you can access and record patient information without an internet connection. 

We have many audiologists and SLP providers that visit patients at remote locations, partner ENT practices, or satellite offices. They may or may not have internet access, preventing access to their EHR (Electronic Health Record software,) if they didn’t have TIMS.

Does your patient interaction and productivity suffer during remote visits as you handwrite notes, updates, and new information? Many of the individuals I speak to need a software solution that allows them to be MOBILE and still create new appointments, access patient history, record their notes, and look at a patient’s NOAH information, all while they are completing home visits.

Keep information and patient data secure in transport and eliminate loss of vital details or having to transcribe paper notes.

Advantages of Mobile Sync:

  • Continue to work in TIMS without an internet connection
  • Automatically synchronize changes when a connection is restored
  • Great for audiologists, dispensers, and SLP providers who travel frequently
  • A perfect solution for spotty internet connections
  • Allows for consultations at partner practices

Additional TIMS Benefits:

  • Access appointment schedule from a pc or mobile phone
  • Appointment notifications
  • Text conversations back/forth to patients
  • Electronic intake sheet
  • Upload documents, insurance cards, and patient photos using a QR code

Are you ready to explore where a TIMS Software partnership can take you? Call me today for a demo to see all the additional features we offer!

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Updated 01/25/23

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