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Improve Patient Communication

Available as an add-on module, TIMS’ electronic Appointment Notifications give you an efficient way to stay in front of patients while providing them with an exceptional customer experience.
Simply set up Verifications and/or reminders to keep appointment details at your patients’ fingertips. 

TIMS Audiology Software | Set up Verifications or Reminders for Patient Appointments
TIMS Audiology Software | Confirm with Patients Appointment Details

What do Verifications and Confirmations do?

Verifications electronically confirm—with your patient—the date and time of the appointment that they scheduled.

Confirmations are a patient’s second reminder that their appointment date is getting close. In addition, the patient has the chance to reply and easily confirm the appointment—or request a reschedule. The bonus? The updated appointment status is automatically reflected in TIMS.

And since no two patients are exactly alike, you set up notification delivery preferences on a per patient basis.

Customers can choose to receive Verifications and Confirmations via voice call, text message, and/or email.

| Verify patients’ appointments when they first set up their office visit

| Send follow-up reminders as patient appointment dates approach

| Easily handle patient’s request to reschedule

| Customize notifications for a patient’s preferred delivery method—voice, text or email

Simplified Notification Management

Create customized message templates for each provider and incorporate key appointment details. Streamline management of patient notifications via the Notification Center, then track notifications and patient responses from one place. Reduce no-shows, increase revenues!

TIMS Audiology Software | Track notifications and patient responses from one place.
Customers can choose to receive Verifications and Confirmations via voice call, text message, and/or email.

I will continue to recommend TIMS for everyone who struggles with their office management system. Your software is the best I’ve found. The support of your team is unbelievable.

- Beltone Heaing Aid Centers

TIMS is by far the MOST user friendly, intuitive and flexible software we have ever encountered. The TIMS training at CU opened their eyes to exactly just how much we can do and how easily we can customize the software to make our jobs easier and us more efficient.

- Family Hearing Center

In our TIMS training, we learned how to narrow device choices so that we no longer have to page through fifty-some devices to find the one they we looking for. We are extremely pleased with our training and with TIMS overall.

- Family Hearing Center

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