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TIMS Enterprise Edition was designed to expand our standard TIMS Software functionality for use in larger practices and hospital environments. It combines clinical data and retail data into a single interface that feeds data seamlessly to other EHR systems. Additionally, this version allows for customization not supported in our standard edition.

For example, the interconnectivity provided by our HL7 interface allows for a two-way data flow, from an existing EHR to TIMS—and then back to the EHR. It can include data such as scheduling details, patient demographics, diagnostic testing data and outcome reporting, Point of Sale (POS) transactions, as well as claims transactions ... just for starters.

This edition also allows your clinical staff to work effectively and efficiently using a unified TIMS interface that utilizes data collected from other EHR systems. Utilizing this data, clinical staff are able to see more patients in less time using one unified system to create necessary EHR documentation.

The end result is exceptional: A simplified data collection model that reduces manual data entry and corresponding errors, enriches the quantity and quality of the data collected all while automating clinical ancillary processes. And, our advanced reporting function can also produce a standardized data stream for research purposes if needed. What you end up with is a symphony of data exchanges that hits all the right notes at all the right times for your organization. 

Connect retail, EHR, and Clinical Data into one software | TIMS Audiology Software
TIMS Audiology Software | Enterprise HL7 Patient Questionaires

Patient Questionnaires

TIMS Enterprise Edition also incorporates customizable patient questionnaires that provide access to clinical and research data that can be queried in the Advanced Reporting application. When this information is combined with other data such as demographics and Noah test results, TIMS questionnaires bridge the gap between providing exceptional care and collecting standardized research data.

How Your Clinical Data, Retail Data & Electronic Health Records Can Work As One.

TIMS Audiology Software | Reviews and Testimonials

In our TIMS training, we learned how to narrow device choices so that we no longer have to page through fifty-some devices to find the one they we looking for. We are extremely pleased with our training and with TIMS overall.

- Family Hearing Center

I will continue to recommend TIMS for everyone who struggles with their office management system. Your software is the best I’ve found. The support of your team is unbelievable.

- Beltone Heaing Aid Centers

TIMS is by far the MOST user friendly, intuitive and flexible software we have ever encountered. The TIMS training at CU opened their eyes to exactly just how much we can do and how easily we can customize the software to make our jobs easier and us more efficient.

- Family Hearing Center

Our audiologists and front office staff are able to work more efficiently and I am able to more accurately track outcomes of their work, thanks to TIMS.

I have recommended TIMS Software to colleagues, and I continue to do so with enthusiasm.

- Hampden Hearing Center
Download EHR System Questions and Answers! | TIMS Audiology Software

Download HL7 Q's and A's!

The Health Level 7 (HL7) Interface brings together your clinical data, your retail data and your electronic health records to work as one. And, it is a critical link for any Hospital or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practice that is using an existing charting system.

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