TIMS Credit Card Processing 

Getting paid and growing cash flow has never been this easy. Process credit cards directly in TIMS to automate credit card payments and collections.

Automated credit card payments

Easily Process Credit Cards for Recurring Charges

Automatically process payments for recurring charges such as cylinder rent, leases, or a monthly statement. You can also save a default credit for order charges, equipment rental charges, and eCommerce transactions.

*For security reasons, customer credit card information isn’t stored directly in TIMS.


Relieve A/R when applying cash

Easily Process a Credit Card in Accounts Receivable Manager

Easily run a credit card when applying cash, for customers who don’t want to be setup for automatic payments. Instantly email a paid invoice receipt. Or, let your customer know they can pay their A/R using their eCommerce online account.

Online credit card payment 

Quickly Get Paid Online with eCommerce 

Customers can pay for new orders right away, or pay down [relieve] existing A/R with their online account. They can also save a default credit card to use for eCommerce transactions. Don’t have TIMS eCommerce? Click here for more information.


Process split credit card payments

 Easily Handle Complicated Transactions

Easily process multiple credit cards, and split payment methods in Order Entry. You can also capture your customer's signature right in TIMS and print it on their order with the MX915 payment terminal. 

Point of sale summary screen 

Display Point of Sale Transactions on a Government Compliant Summary Screen

Display line items, tax, delivery, and other charges for your customer at the point of sale. And capture customer signature electronically. This is possible with the MX915 payment terminal. Some states and regions require that customers be able to see order information for point of sale transactions as the order is being created.



Level 2 and 3 Payment Processing 

Detailed Level 2 and Level 3 Processing are Supported

Government and corporations frequently require level three processing from merchants for their own reporting. Level three processing includes line item detail and qualifies for the lowest interchange rates. Level two processing provides the same information as level one, but includes sales tax and customer code. Level one is your standard consumer transaction which provides limited data back to the cardholder.

Credit Card Reporting

Quickly Report on Credit Card Transactions

Centralize credit card reporting. Without ever leaving TIMS you can easily retrieve credit card settlement information. You can also see credit card and cash payments separated on a single report. Or use the power of Excel pivot tables to slice credit card payment information however you like.


Payment Security 

Securely Process Credit Cards 

TIMS Credit Card supports EMV payment processing. Online payments use advanced Verisign technology and SSL protocol. Don’t be caught off guard by fraud liability.

Paying accounts payable with a credit card

Easily Send Credit Card Remittance Files to Vendors

If you pay vendors by credit card, you can easily send an electronic remittance file showing your vendor what invoices to pay with the credit card they have on file for you.

Reduce the manual steps associated with invoicing and collection by setting them up as ‘auto-pay’ customers.
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Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

After just two months of using ACM – human errors (as far as cylinder exceptions) are all but eliminated.

- Maine Oxy

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without the all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

- Maine Oxy

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Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

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