The Internet, at your customers’ service.

You pride yourself on having the best service, and you also need to grow your market share. With TIMS eCommerce, these goals don’t need to be at odds with one another. Here’s how…

Online Store

Your customer base is the entire English-speaking world, and your store is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Expand your reach without expanding your physical footprint.

Online Account Creation means that anyone who can access the Internet can immediately create an account in your store, begin shopping right away, and pay right then and there with a credit card (this feature doesn’t have to be used, and can be turned on or off by you).

Online Security is ensured using advanced VeriSign and SSL protocol technology, so that everything that happens in your store is authenticated and encrypted.

Site Administration means you have total control over what your customers can and can’t do. You decide who can login, what each customer can see, which customers can pay online, and more.

eCommerce Online Store | TIMS Industrial Software
eCommerce Online Account Management | TIMS Industrial Software

Online Account Management

Empower your customers to manage their account online. They’ll be able to look at their account whenever it is convenient, shop at any time, and pay bills over the Internet. Customers will love the ease and convenience of the system and you’ll love that they will ask better questions, be able to fulfill their orders more quickly, and reduce their outstanding A/R.

Account Inquiry lets your customers view open orders, invoices, current A/R, existing quotes, product extended descriptions, as well as all current and historic cylinder transaction detail.

Online Ordering enables your customers to order what they need when they need it, as well as view their specific pricing and entire sales history. You can also view product images with the ability to zoom in—speeding up order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Online Bill Pay allows your customers to pay for their order right away with a credit card, or pay their old invoices—thereby reducing outstanding A/R and getting money in the bank.

Integrate With TIMS

eCommerce is an extension of TIMS. This means that you won’t have to rekey an order from eCommerce into TIMS. It also means you can have eCommerce notify the right person when a customer places an order, or does just about anything in their online account.

Automatic Order Creation means when an order is created online it is also created in TIMS—no rekeying necessary—thus, reducing labor costs and keying errors.

Email Notifications are sent from eCommerce to the right person when your customers create an account, log in, place an order, or pay a bill—making for fast, easy and smart follow-up.

TIMS Industrial Software | eCommerce integration
Look at customer accounts whenever it is convenient, shop at any time, and pay bills over the Internet.
TIMS Industrial Software | Reviews and Testimonials

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

TIMS eCommerce is an excellent online ordering tool and a great resource for customers.

- I.T. Manager, Middlesex Gases & Equipment


TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without all the additional overhead.


TIMS eCommerce is an excellent online ordering tool and a great resource for customers.

- I.T. Manager, Middlesex Gases & Equipmnet


For All Things Cylinder

Power up your business with the industry’s leading fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution.

Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

TIMS Industrial Software | Download Cylinder Guide for ERP Software

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