eDocuments. Collation. Document Scanning.

Ending the paper chase is as easy as scanning each document and viewing them from any authorized PC on your network. You can scan an unlimited number and variety of documents—and you can capture key data and validate index documents against the database.

System Generated Documents

Eliminate the need to print, scan and validate documents. Simply load system generated forms such as Rent and Lease Invoices, Finance Charge and Monthly Invoices and Statements. You can also access Budget Billing Invoices, and Dunning Letters. Then, securely store that information for fast and easy retrieval.

TIMS Industrial Software | System Generated Documents
TIMS Industrial Software | Non-System Documents

Non-System Documents

Improve your efficiency with non-system documents by converting those paper documents into searchable, digital documents. That way, you can image and retrieve completed supporting clinical documentation right from TIMS.

Electronic Mobile Receipts

Drivers can download Mobile Receipts at end of day, then access that receipt image and data associated with it from the Image Viewer.

TIMS Industrial Software | Download Mobile Receipts
TIMS Industrial Software | eMail, fax or print images at any time.

Viewer/Customer Centric Inquiry (CCI)

Securely search and redact documents or make notations with the Image Viewer, and then email, fax, or print images at any time. You can even view tickets directly in CCI (Customer Centric Inquiry).

Improve customer service with instant document access.
TIMS Industrial Software | Reviews and Testimonials

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

After just two months of using ACM – human errors (as far as cylinder exceptions) are all but eliminated.

- Maine Oxy

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without the all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

- Maine Oxy

For All Things Cylinder

Power up your business with the industry’s leading fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution.

Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

TIMS Industrial Software | Download Cylinder Guide for ERP Software

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