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Distributors are the critical link in the supply chain as an essential connection with the end-user consumer. With strong inventory controls for both hardgoods and gases, TIMS is indispensable to successful supply chain management.

Is equipment and tool rental a part of your rent-to-own and rental asset? TIMS integrates rentals, rent-to-own rental asset depreciation for comprehensive asset management. With bar coding and wi-fi connectivity throughout your facilities, you’ll save countless hours and ensure accuracy.

Hardgoods & Gases

Transform the way you do business with effective inventory management for hardgoods and gas items. TIMS Inventory Management is a commanding tool that provides multi-branch and multi-location administration while delivering detailed inventory information on demand.

Take physical inventories with wireless tracking technology, or complete cycle counts in your warehouse, stock room or store. And, with the most powerful inventory management system put to use, you’ll discover more ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

In addition, you can instantly uncover special pricing considerations, easily create quick purchasing orders and access vendor pricing and usage history bar graphs to provide exceptional customer service!

TIMS Industrial Software | Business Management for Hard Goods and Gas
TIMS Industrial Software | Non-System Documents

Equipment Rental

Equipment and tool rental management requires precision on a daily basis to ensure that you accurately bill your valuable assets. With TIMS Software’s Equipment Rental Billing, you will be able to set up existing and new rental equipment options, create rental items and units of measure, update status and much more.

You will save steps on a daily basis when it comes to rental transfers and processes with Order Entry integration.

Quickly select orders for invoicing, print and post immediately. At the end of the day, review rental activity.

Monthly and periodic procedures involved in processing rental items can be tedious. Review activity, purge sold rental items and run reports by customer or item. This time-saving integration ensures accuracy and helps you stay on top of your billing.

Bar Coding

Bar coding cylinders provides the most efficient way to manage your most valuable assets. It gives you an exact count of how many cylinders are in your fleet, while tracking the cylinder status lets you monitor utilization rates. Scanning a bar coded cylinder instead of manually recording the information on a paper document eliminates driver errors such as transposing a quantity, part number, or serial number; recording a ship instead of a return; or recording the transaction under the wrong customer number.

And with digital systems validating the entire transaction, you can catch possible cylinder errors on the spot! These systems track how many days it takes to turn an empty cylinder back into a full cylinder that is again collecting rent. You will soon see better efficiency, fewer errors and more driver productivity with bar coding.

TIMS Industrial Software | Eliminate driver errors such as transposing a quantity, part number or serial number.
TIMS Industrial Software | Maintain inventory pricing and part numbers with automatic updates.

Vendor Pricing

Vendor Pricing is a centrally-managed electronic catalog system designed to improve internal efficiencies and customer experience. TIMS Electronic Catalog System streamlines maintenance of inventory pricing and part numbers by allowing you to maintain accurate inventory costs and protect profit margins with automatic cost updates. Update vendor lines in minutes rather than hours, resulting in a tremendous gain for employee productivity!

And, within Order Entry, you can search through over 250 catalogs and hundreds of thousands of part numbers and non-stock vendor items for efficient ordering. Count on Computers Unlimited’s Data Services Department to get you started with conversions and technical assistance.

Uncover special pricing considerations, easily create quick purchasing orders and access vendor pricing and usage history bar graphs to provide exceptional customer service!
TIMS Industrial Software | Reviews and Testimonials

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

After just two months of using ACM – human errors (as far as cylinder exceptions) are all but eliminated.

- Maine Oxy

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without the all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

- Maine Oxy

For All Things Cylinder

Power up your business with the industry’s leading fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution.

Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

TIMS Industrial Software | Download Cylinder Guide for ERP Software

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