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Incredibly seamless and highly integrated, TIMS Order Entry lets you enter a single order for everything from service and sales to rentals and supply transactions. With combined purchase items and rental items on one order, you’ll save all sorts of time!

Order Entry/Point of Sale (POS)

Seamless and highly integrated, enter a single order for everything from service and sales to rentals and supply transactions. With combined purchase items and rental items on one order, you’ll save all sorts of time. And, when you’re ready to charge shipping, UPS WorldShip® provides a seamless way to pull in tracking numbers and delivery amounts right into your TIMS order. This means you eliminate duplicate entries and delivery charge errors.

You’ll also save costs with TIMS drop shipping options, and, quickly and easily validate usage limits. Combine purchase items and rental items all on one order—and fully interface with UPS WorldShip® with convenient tracking.

TIMS Industrial Software | Order Entry and Point of Sale System
TIMS Industrial Software | Point of Sale System

Point of Sale

TIMS Point of Sale (POS) allows you to track the payment methods of your customers, which gives you a clear picture of your organization’s retail business transaction history for every day. Track cash, check and credit card payments all through your cash drawer. Because having consistent cash drawer records helps you create a solid history for your retail operations.

POS also features a one-to-one relationship between each terminal or PC and its respective cash drawer. So, you can break down summary reports by branch, cash drawers and transaction for better business insight.

 Break down summary reports by branch, cash drawers and transaction for better business insight.
TIMS Industrial Software | Reviews and Testimonials

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

After just two months of using ACM – human errors (as far as cylinder exceptions) are all but eliminated.

- Maine Oxy

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without the all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

- Maine Oxy
TIMS Industrial Software | For All Things Cylinder Download

For All Things Cylinder

Power up your business with the industry’s leading fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution.

Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

TIMS Industrial Software | Download Cylinder Guide for ERP Software

TIMS Industrial Software | Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

Automate your order process with Scheduled Delivery. You work with your customers to find out what products they need and how often they need them. Then, simply enter those orders and frequency into TIMS once and let Scheduled Delivery do the rest.

Electronic Catalog

TIMS Electronic Catalog System is centrally-managed and streamlines maintenance of inventory pricing and part numbers. So, you can sell with confidence knowing your vendor pricing is current. Automate cost updates, maintain accurate inventory and update pricing electronically in minutes. You can also access over 250 catalogs and hundreds of thousands of part numbers and non-stock vendor items for efficient ordering.

And, if you need help putting it all together, Computers Unlimited’s Sales Department can get you started with conversions and technical assistance.

TIMS Industrial Software | Electronic Catalog
TIMS Industrial Software | Contract Pricing

Contract Pricing

Pricing is a critical element in any successful business and having a strong pricing strategy can give you a huge competitive advantage. Customize your pricing based on unique, industry-specific pricing considerations and easily set up, change and maintain contracts. Set contract prices manually, or set them as a percentage above list or cost. You can even use special pricing to ensure you protect your gross margin.

And with a seamless interface to Order Entry, TIMS automatically populates prices for specially defined items for selected customers. This eliminates manual price adjustments and errors at the same time. What better way to manage your pricing and extend appreciation to your most valued customers?

Powerful Invoicing & Payment Options

When it’s time to invoice your customers, save time and money by using eDocs to send out invoices and monthly bills. Then, to further streamline the process, you can set customers up to autopay their statements with their credit card on file.

TIMS EMV enabled Credit Card System helps you process front counter sales quickly, easily and securely. And because recurring cylinder rentals and leases can be billed automatically each month to a credit card, you’ll see faster payments and improved cash flow.

TIMS Industrial Software | Powerful Invoicing & Payment Options
TIMS Industrial Software | Customer Centric

Customer Centric

TIMS Customer Centric Inquiry (CCI) is an extraordinary tool designed to provide the information you need fast. From customer account inquiries and cylinder balances to rental equipment and orders, you get the information you need delivered right to your fingertips.

Want to ensure that you’ll save time in the future too? You can improve individual job efficiencies by simply setting CCI layout preferences and then saving that view for future sessions. And, column filters help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Notes & Task Management


Record important information and organize it for convenient access in other TIMS applications, such as Accounts Receivable Manager. You can create templates to expedite the creation of recurring notes (accounts receivable notes, collection notes or customer notes, etc.) or add notes for collection efforts and track promise-to-pay dates or customer disputes.

You can even keep track of critical account reminders—attach notes to a customer so that they pop up in Order Entry.

Task System

Provide assignments and follow-up reminders to your staff in a snap! Notate an item of work, or assign, re-assign and even determine follow-up dates for the task to be completed. It’s an incredible and convenient way to manage all outstanding or overdue tasks system-wide with the Task Management application.

TIMS Industrial Software | Notes & Task Management

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