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Competing in the bulk propane market is as volatile as propane itself. If you are an industrial gas distributor, make it less volatile by utilizing TIMS Bulk Propane for all of your commercial and residential/home-heating needs. You can forecast and quickly create bulk propane orders, optimize routes and view bulk propane account information within one program that is seamlessly integrated with TIMS.




Route Planning and Route Optimization

When planning routes, you can identify the customers with the highest need, and TIMS Bulk Propane can suggest nearby or related installations to create orders for. You can easily view all propane orders for a location and date, and organize them as needed. TIMS will tell you the estimated gallons it will take to fill an installation, and you can quickly reorganize orders to a different date or route.

Order Creation

Customers sometimes call orders in, but often you want to know in advance who is going to need a delivery. TIMS Bulk Propane will suggest deliveries based on an automatic, nightly Heating Degree Day calculation, or you can Quick Create orders for customers who call in. There is even an option to setup scheduled orders for a pre-defined schedule like a delivery every Friday or once-a-month. 

Forecast and quickly create bulk propane orders, optimize routes, and view bulk propane account information within one program that is fully integrated with TIMS.

Inquiry Dashboards

With straightforward dashboards, you can get a summary view of MTD gallons filled, budget billing invoice information, monthly HDD information, agreements, delivery forecasting, tanks, and tank retest information. At the same time, analyze an individual customer’s A/R information, installations, delivery information, usage overrides, appliances, notes for that customer, and even view picking tickets, all from the TIMS Bulk Propane application. You can also export the dashboards to Microsoft Excel® for even more analysis of targeted vs. actual HDD, heat vs. non-heat usage, and more.

Budget Billing

Budget billing calculates your customers' heating expense by letting them spread out their payments on a monthly schedule. You can also track both paid and outstanding budget invoices to lower DSO and improve A/R management. 


Pre-Buy Agreements

Do you have customers who pre-purchase gas or lock in a certain price for the heating season? TIMS Propane Manager fully supports this capability.


TIMS Mobile Integration

Already have TIMS Mobile? You can make bulk propane deliveries using handhelds. Interested in TIMS Mobile? Click here for more information.

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