TIMS HME Software Patient Intake

Patient Intake 

Getting Paid Just Got Easier.

Ensure that all key elements are logged during intake using this real-time data validation and verification engine. Qualified orders mean more payable claims, and we think that’s pretty important.

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TIMS HME Software Task System

Notes, Tasks & Workflow

Keeping Everyone on Track.

TIMS Notes, Tasks and Workflows are a powerful trio of tools that work together to facilitate the most efficient and integrated intake process you can get.

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TIMS HME Software | Billing Rules & Fee Schedule

Billing Rules & Fee Schedules

Confidence in Rules. And Pricing.

Easily manage insurance pricing changes. The flexibility to set up and manage complex, external insurance price contracts, along with the ability to easily add new inventory—and sync up to billing rules.

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TIMS HME Software | Purchasing

Purchasing & Receiving

Improve Efficiency. Reduce Costs.

Wireless receiving and restocking provides a streamlined warehouse process that means improved operations and lower costs. Print bar coded price tags, receiving documents or auto fill backorders wirelessly for added efficiency.

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TIMS HME Software Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) 

Powerful Analysis. Amazing Insight.

Gain access to all of your data—on your own terms—using the world’s most popular business productivity tools from Microsoft®. With TIMS dashboards, reporting, analytics and other BI tools, you’ll find answers to your most pressing business questions, fast!

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TIMS HME Software | Mobile applications for real-time tracking and inventory control.

Mobile Apps

It’s All About Convenience.

Verify and update inventory on demand with real-time warehouse tracking and control so you can quickly and easily perform inventory counts, pick inventory items for shipping and accurately receive goods from vendors on your tablet or mobile devices.

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TIMS HME Software | Inbound Document Routing

Inbound Document Routing

No More Lost Faxes.

Easily view, account for, and act upon all incoming documents using the work list queue. You can quickly create your Patient Intake from a document in the queue, then assign a CSR to that intake.

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TIMS HME Software | Claims Processing

Claims Processing

Minimize Denials—Get Paid Faster

TIMS provides you everything you need—from claims edits and held A/R reports by error, to electronic processing. So, you can automatically upload and apply remittance amounts for rapid reimbursement.

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TIMS HME Softwre | Documentation & Authorization

Documentation & Authorizations

Compliance Made Easily.

HIPAA compliant and green, document imaging streamlines your office while ensuring your patient, physician or insurance documentation is ready at any time.

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TIMS HME Software | Payables

Accounts Payable

Minimize Fraud. Maximize Efficiency.

Conveniently make check, credit card and electronic payments in a single payment. Pay vouchers using an electronic file uploaded to the bank or create remittance files for credit card payments and send them to vendors.

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TIMS HME Software | Document Imaging


Boost Efficiency with a Paperless Workflow.

You can view and verify written orders, supporting clinical records and patient chart notes instantly. And, you can securely search documents, redact documents and make notations with the image viewer. 

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TIMS HME Software | Home Infusion and Closed Pharmacy Integration


Integrate with TIMS for a Seamless Solution.

Eligibility verification and adjudication allows you quick and easy patient qualification and instant notification of claim payments. And, discover savings and improved cash flow with our electronic claims for home infusion.

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A/R Worklists | TIMS HME Software

A/R Worklists

Easy solutions for difficult problems.

Create a variety of custom defined, real-time, interactive worklists for your collections team to work A/R, denials and timely filing. Eliminate report printing and work on a dynamic worklist on the spot. Configure the worklist according to your preferences and needs.

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TIMS HME Software | Order Entry & Deliver

Order Entry & Delivery

Integrated Power & Functionality.

Customer orders are the lifeblood of every business. From Order Entry workflow and Point of Sale to recurring orders and third party routing systems, TIMS delivers the tools you need to drive sales and service forward.

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TIMS HME Software | Improve Revenue Cycles with Reimbursement


Improve Revenue Cycles with Reduced DSOs.

Denial management tools and automatic posting of ERNs that are designed to save you time while reducing errors. Simply queue up a claim to be rebilled and let TIMS make the corrections and credits for you. 

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TIMS HME Software Inventory Equipment Management

Inventory Management

Smart. Intuitive. Easy-to-Use.

Conveniently manage and track rental and serial-tracked equipment from a single application. And, easily view and create both inventory and customer-owned items.

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TIMS HME Software | Financials

Accounting & Financials

Convenience. Accuracy. Insight.

Developed to meet the demands of your accounting and financial business needs. Business budgets are easily handled in our General Ledger, while our Accounts Payable System makes sure vendors are paid on time.

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TIMS HME Software | Truck Routing for tracking and optimizing your fleet management.

Truck Routing

Powerful Route Optimization.

Optimize route plans and track these plans in real-time throughout the day. And, you can compare actual data versus planned data with ease. It’s fleet management that helps you solve complex transportation challenges in a simple manner.

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TIMS HME Software | Cloud Computing with no expensive hardware investment.

TIMS Online - Cloud Computing

Reliable. Safe. Smart.

Overcome the challenges of a competitive market, budget/staff constraints and evolving applications. No expensive hardware investment, 99.9% network uptime, reliable back-ups and solid.

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