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Whether you are one branch or twenty, TIMS offers you ways to help grow your business. Our built-in, multi-branch features guide you through the process—from the office to the point of delivery—significantly reducing your labor costs by streamlining your work methods.

TIMS Delivery is a user-friendly mobile delivery application that efficiently processes patient deliveries, substantially reduces back office paperwork and ends re-keying redundancy. All functions of the delivery process are automated and fully integrated in real-time with TIMS core system. Its capabilities provide optimized delivery routing, all electronic documents needed, signature capture of receipt, and accepts mobile credit card payments. 
  • Suggest associated products to add to an order
  • Review orders by owner, priority, referral or status
  • Access sales history for reorders
  • Track serial, rental, and customer-owned equipment
  • Fulfill orders through your drop ship vendor
  • Reduce fuel costs with optimized delivery route
  • Organize drivers with electronic delivery documents
  • Take secure credit card payments
  • Print or email customer delivery receipts
  • Sync completed documentation from the field to the home office in real-time
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How would a mobile delivery app be implemented in my business?

In this video, Smart Phone Solution Specialist, Robert, introduces you to TIMS Delivery and lays out the process for a company to implement this technology with their delivery staff.

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