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TIMS Notes, Tasks and Workflows are a powerful trio of tools that work together to facilitate the most efficient and integrated intake process you can get.


Task Management

Task management provides a clear view and easy way to maintain all tasks in the TIMS System. This smart approach to assignments and follow-up staff reminders allows you to conveniently notate an item of work, assign, re-assign and even determine follow-up dates for the task to be completed.

And, any newly added notes (created in Notes) for Intake, Order Entry, CCI, A/R, Claims Management, and/or Prescription OE—can have a follow-up task associated to them.

You can manage outstanding and overdue tasks system-wide. And that’s just for starters. You can use the Task System to handle collections—or simply use it as a recall system.

  • Track important work events to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities
  • Easily manage assigned work with the real-time task tile that displays your assigned task
  • Choose between two basic task modes—one for supervisors, or one for other TIMS users
  • Use templates to standardize the text for common tasks
  • Dismiss and archive a task if it’s no longer needed
  • No reliance on 3rd party systems or paper reports
  • Easily manage the assigned work from a task “fly out” task window

View and organize work assigned as well as enter personal tasks/reminders and re-assign work to other team members.

TIMS HME Software | Order Entry to enter orders from sales and service.
TIMS HME Software | Workflow to create tasks, send emails and queue integration.

Workflow States & Events

Workflow states may be system-defined—or even user-defined. The system-defined states are Intake created, Intake verified, Intake discarded, Order created, Order selected, Order posted, and Order canceled.

Custom-defined states can be added/removed/moved in the workflow. And, there is also the added flexibility of allowing users to add a task to the workflow “on the fly.”

Workflow states trigger events—or actions—in the system and can create tasks, send emails, and execute a message queue integration.

Task Creation Action

A task is a customer note with an assignment and follow-up date. Tasks are created and assigned to a group of users (role + team), or to the intake/order owner. Tasks can be created with a title, note text, follow-up date, and note category that gives the task behaviors in the system. 

Send Email Action

Emails can be sent to a group or a single user when a workflow state is arrived at. The subject and text of the email can be defined as plain text. The text body of the email can use special tags to include context information about the workflow, the customer or the order that generated that email. Message Queue

Subscription Action

To allow for the TIMS Workflow System to communicate state transitions and workflow context to external systems, Computers Unlimited will be using a publisher-subscriber integration pattern. We will be utilizing Microsoft Message Queues (MSMQ) to place messages on a queue when a state is arrived at. Consuming messages from the MSMQ will be the responsibility of the customer.

Customer Centric Inquiry (CCI)

TIMS Customer Centric Inquiry (CCI) is an extraordinary tool designed to provide the information you need on demand. From customer account inquiries and balances to rental equipment and orders, you get the information you need delivered right to your fingertips.

  • Simple navigation to answer your question quickly
  • Custom views for ease of use across job functions
  • Column filters to provide as much, or as little, information as needed

View additional information from the CCI Task list: Workflow, Current state, Note comments, Workflow history, Order number (if applicable) and any other images that created a task.

Tasks can also be re-assigned and completed from the CCI Task list. And, if a task is completed, the user is prompted to advance the workflow. Filter your CCI Task list by: My tasks, My group and My tasks, or All tasks.

TIMS HME Software | Customer Centric Inquiry for inquiries and balances to rental equipment.
Workflow states trigger events—or actions—in the system and can create tasks, send emails, and execute a message queue integration.
TIMS HME Software Reviews and Testimonials

We are really excited about Patient Intake, it is exactly what we need. Right now our company is very interested in the Lean Business model, and Intake fits right in with the way we are wanting to do business.

- ThedaCare At Home

Since starting with TIMS, we have more than doubled our revenue while cutting inventory costs by more than 60%.

- Keene Medical Products

From an implementation standpoint, Claims Processing has been one of the easiest programs to roll out to users.

- Norco

Once again I would like to compliment Gayle [in Project Management] on her training ability.  She has a great cadence, upbeat attitude and a way of changing confusion into clarity!

- Care Medical
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