Immediately Decrease Patient No-Shows Today!!!

Stay connected and keep your patients informed with the help of Electronic Appointment Notifications.

Say goodbye to no-shows! TIMS Appointment Notifications provide an efficient way to communicate with patients, offering them an exceptional customer experience.

Customize your message templates and include important appointment details. Patients can easily respond (in the U.S. or Canada only) to confirm their appointment or request to reschedule. When they confirm, we can also send an electronic intake form, to save time during check-in. 

Manage all patient notifications effortlessly through our notification link. Keep track of notifications and patient responses all in one place.

Enjoy the benefits of our notifications:

  • Choose to send out notifications for a single day or a date range as the dates approach.
  • Filter notifications by site, provider, and appointment type. Send voice notifications in 26 different dialects.
  • Set up notification preferences for each patient, whether voice, text, or email.
  • See updates of patient responses regarding appointment confirmations, rescheduling requests, or cancelations on your TIMS calendar.
  • Upon confirmation that your patient is attending an appointment, a customizable electronic intake form can be sent by email or text.

But what exactly do Confirmations and Verifications do?

Confirmations electronically confirm the date and time of the appointment with your patient.  Verifications, on the other hand, serve as a reminder that their appointment date is approaching.

So what does this mean for you?

You get an efficient way to stay connected with your patients and provide them with a trackable way to stay updated about their appointments. They, in turn, receive gentle reminders when they need it most. It's a thoughtful and easy solution. Most importantly, your busy patients will appreciate these little reminders amidst their hectic schedules.

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Updated 9/19/23

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