Rehder Hearing, a TIMS Customer for over 18 Years

Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic Weighs In

We recently spoke with Doug Rehder, Audiologist and owner of Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic and Jacki Husicka, Physician Marketing Manager and the practice's "wearer of all hats" including administration,...

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Electronic Claims - There's More To Know

The Right Claims Process Leads to Getting Paid Faster

We talked about electronic claims in our last blog; how setting up your insurance payers, CPT and diagnosis codes, and patient information all lead to a seamless, integrated process creating an...

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5 Ways To Get Your Audiology Claims Paid Faster

No One Likes Rejection

The dreaded claim rejection. No one has time for that. Chasing rejected claims is a huge time waster but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you work in an Audiology Practice, university, or hospital setting, you may wear...

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The Next Level, Customized Audiology  Software

Choosing a software tailored to your business needs is possible. When you choose an audiology software, you expect to find a software that will grow along with your practice and set you apart from your competitors. One of the features setting TIMS...

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What are you doing to "Save Your Hearing"?

Prioritize healthy day-to-day life habits to maintain hearing longer.

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Choosing a Practice Management Software: 10 Essential Features

Long gone are the days of ear trumpets, carbon hearing aids, vacuum tube hearing aids, transistor hearing aids, body hearing aids, eyeglass hearing aids, and the like. These technologies, while innovative at the time, have been replaced many times...

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