Part 3: Crashed Server—Updating Comes With Some Perks

Upgrading Has Rewarding Benefits

Don't sabotage your company's productivity by using out-of-date software or hardware. As we update products and create new applications like TIMS Assistant, TIMS Warehouse and TIMS Electronic Delivery, they are developed to work optimally with the most current TIMS version and with your latest hardware. We put our efforts into streamlining your business practices and making sure you have the best and most productive tools to do your job and grow your business.

Developments in TIMS 7 Only

  • Bulk Gas—Beyond propane, TIMS Bulk Gas Manager offers management of your bulk gas deliveries including scheduled orders, quick-create orders, scheduling real-time delivery and billing.
  • TIMS Electronic Delivery—Real-time delivery, signature capture, on-site payment collection and printed receipts.
  • Contract Manager—Manage contracts simply; gas contracts, cylinder rentals and hardgoods. Watch for more information on this tool.

Enhancements to TIMS 7 Core Modules

Enhancements continue to be made by our developers to improve TIMS core functionality. You'll benefit from the dynamic rebuilding of many applications such as A/P, which now boasts improved inquiry, an enhanced 1099 system, a more straightforward reconciliation with G/L, easier voucher reversals and more flexible financial period closing. 

TIMS Purchasing has even better functionality with information now available in Cubes. Inventory has improved search, filter and copy capabilities along with a simplified setup of new locations. Also, only in TIMS 7, Contacts has expanded to store even more contacts in the customer file with extended visibility in O/E and CCI.

EIS+—Create customizable, reportable screens and fields for convenient access to your unique records and data.

  • Access equipment servicing/maintenance logs
  • Produce customer service follow-up calls/surveys
  • Build templates that integrate with Notes and Tasks
  • Store contact information, order delivery details, plus customer, order or vendor information

Developments to Add-on Modules

Go Mobile—Both TIMS Assistant and TIMS Electronic Delivery mobile applications run optimally on TIMS 7.

TIMS Assistant is real-time access to TIMS Software through your smartphone. A mobile office assistant that lets you place customer orders, check inventory pricing and availability, and much more. It works right along side you in the field and virtually eliminates calls and visits back to the office.

TIMS Electronic Delivery is Mobile Delivery on a smartphone or tablet. With real-time access to TIMS during the delivery process, drivers have all the information they need to produce clean orders with every delivery including hardgoods, gases and rentals. Collect all transaction information including serial and lot numbers, ships/returns, special pricing, taxes and fees, plus the ability to process credit card payments for POD collections. Technology in your driver's seat.  

Download more information about TIMS Assistant



Credit Card—Deliver the best customer service, quickly and securely

  • No more manual entry during month-end billing. Recurring credit card payments are automatically processed through TIMS for cylinder rent, leases or monthly statements.
  • Easily process credit card payments directly to accounts receivable and instantly email a paid invoice receipt back to your customer.
  • With TIMS 7, your customers can pay their balance using their eCommerce online account.
  • Point-of-Sale screens display line items, tax, delivery, and other charges with electronic signature capture.

Tasks—TIMS Task System let's you stay on top of your "things-to-do" list.

Easily assign, reassign and determine follow-up dates for work to be completed by yourself and your staff. Tasks gives you the ability to effectively manage all outstanding or overdue responsibilities system-wide per date, time, responsible party and actions taken in Task History

Equipment Management

With TIMS 7 you'll have improved management of rental equipment, serial-tracked equipment and bulk rentals. One quick look in Equipment Management will give you clarity on active rentals, bulk rentals, what's been sold, and what's pending, lost or retired.  


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