How to Make Cylinder Physical Inventory Less Evil

Is there anything worse than a physical inventory? Yes, a cylinder physical inventory. Industrial Source, a gas and welding supplier headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, is already proving that this necessary evil of cylinder physical inventory can...

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Users Group 2017 — What You Missed

We Missed You, So We Brought You Some Highlights

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Cylinder Management Enhancements at Users Group

Mark Your Users Group Agenda For Cylinder Management Sessions

I recently spoke with Penny Mayer, Development Manager-ACM/Propane here at CU, about the upcoming classes scheduled for Users Group this year on cylinder management. Inspired by how...

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TIMS Latest Release



If You Missed Users Group Last Month, Read On  


                   Grow Your Bottom Line with the Latest TIMS Enhancements 

Along with all the Accounts Payable advances, valuable metrics have been added to eCommerce. You can now analyze the...

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Why We Love Paperless (and You Should, Too)

A staggering amount of trees are lost each year, in fact, over fifteen billion. We can help your business run smoother with less paper by using TIMS Mobile Delivery.  Management practices are simplified and paperless using TIMS software...

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Avoid Out of Test Cylinders

If out of test cylinders don’t normally catch your attention, now might be a good time to take notice.

Beginning October 1, 2013, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) put into effect several revised baseline...

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Mobile Computing - Seamless Integration

Mobile Computing is an exceptional tool that makes the most of your time and dollars for your business.

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TIMS Mobile Delivery

Mobile Computing is one of the hottest business tools in today’s market. It delivers an extremely effective way to make the most of time and dollars for your business.

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5 Ways TIMS Credit Card Functionality Pays Off


For over 40 years, Computers Unlimited has been refining and developing TIMS Software to be the most accurate, efficient and integrated solution on the market. TIMS integrated credit card processing is no exception to this; it can quickly help...

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Take Business Intelligence to the Next Level with Mobile Computing

Analyze your entire cylinder fleet with TIMS Business Intelligence tools. Drill down to a wealth of cylinder information and make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Benefits of One Integrated System with ACM

One unified solution integrates your cylinder operation from filling to billing to servicing the customer. Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) eliminates the need to use a separate cylinder tracking system. Full and seamless integration with TIMS...

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New Year, New Goals. Unify Your Business with Mobile Computing

Is there a better way to run your industrial distribution company? What business model should you use? What role does information technology (IT) play in your organization? Is IT a strategic asset or liability? And what is the best way to monitor...

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A Roadmap for Cylinder Bar Coding

How to start managing your compressed gas cylinder fleet with bar code tags:

1. Get TIMS Software with the Advanced Cylinder Management add-on

2. Print sheets of bar code labels (3rd party service)

3. Tag both sides of every cylinder in your...

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ELIMINATE Losses Due to Cylinder Delivery Mistakes

Do you Record Every Cylinder Ship and Return? ACM Does—Guaranteed!

Missed Cylinders Are Lost Revenue Even with a handheld device, the most reliable drivers sometimes miss recording a cylinder delivery or pickup. TIMS Advanced Cylinder Management...

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STOP Losing Cylinder Revenue!

Lost Cylinder Revenue ... Dilemma Solution ... Guaranteed 100% Accuracy

Do you know where your cylinders are? ACM knows! No matter what path a cylinder takes, Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) tracks movement every step of the way. Its robust...

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Is Online Hosting Right For Your Business?

Learn About the Benefits of Online Hosting vs. an Onsite Server for Your Business

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