Help Us Build Better TIMS Users

Training takes time, as does learning. But the effort put forth can reap big rewards, not only in job satisfaction but in ROI as well. We want to give you every opportunity to build better TIMS users. With that in mind, here's a look at some of...

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Find Out About New Options for Bulk Gas & Telemetry

Managing your bulk gas operations and deliveries with TIMS Bulk Gas Manager eliminates all the guesswork. Take charge of your bulk gas tank installations, forecasting, ordering, scheduling, billing, and payment processing seamlessly. Get...

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Don't Let Delivery Costs Leave You at a Dead End — TIMS Has Your  Solution

During the Routing, Delivery & Logistics session at this year's Users Group, you'll find a delivery solution that works best for your company. You'll learn about electronic delivery, on-site payments, and different routing methods to choose from...

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Join Us at Users Group for a Panel Discussion With Beta Users of TIMS Contract Campaign Manager

You'll hear what they've learned, how it's working, what it's changed, and about the training and implementation process.

Learn from the following three companies along with Computers Unlimited staff; Mark P, Software Quality Analyst and Tracie...

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Customer Contract Renewal Made Simple With TIMS

What's almost as bad as tax time? Renewing customer contracts. TIMS new Contract Campaign Manager brings relief to that headache by turning it into a streamlined and simplified process.

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Give Your Staff the Tools to Win With TIMS Assistant

TIMS Assistant has made heading back to the office at midday, waiting on hold for customer information, and handwriting orders at your desk at 5:30 pm, a thing of the past.

Here's a look at just one of the features available in TIMS Assistant. ...

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