Top 10 Software Applications for Gas & Welding Distributors

We work with distributors facing many challenges every day: from labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions, to managing price increases. Our goal is to solve these challenges with innovative software. Here’s a quick rundown of our top ten most valuable tools that distributors need right now.

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Mobile Applications

1) One of the best ways to keep employees productive and connected is with a smartphone. TIMS Mobile, TIMS Assistant, and TIMS Delivery target different parts of your business. 
TIMS Mobile tackles warehouse and fill plant activities from physical inventories, cylinder counts, filling cylinders, to performing customer cylinder audits.  

TIMS Assistant is a one stop shop to access customer information, create orders, check price and availability, and process cylinder dock returns.  

TIMS Delivery is our most popular smartphone app. It’s built for the driver and comes with tons of easy-to-use features. It’s the most advanced app on the market today that’s designed to automate and streamline the entire delivery process from truck reconciliation to automated invoicing.

Logistics & Cylinder Management

2) TIMS Scheduler is a great tool to route and optimize deliveries. And when used with TIMS Delivery, you get the best of both worlds with real-time truck locations and delivery status updates.  
3) TIMS Bulk Gas Manager tells you the optimal time to refill each tank. There’s no manual labor required to create resupply orders – TIMS does it for you! Plus, to increase forecasting accuracy, we integrated telemetry data from Pulsa, Anova, Otodata, Cyl-tec, and SkyBitz directly into TIMS Software. 

4) TIMS Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) and 5) TIMS CIFR address the market dynamics of cylinder shortages and soaring steel prices. TIMS ACM eliminates losing cylinders and maximizes cylinder rent while TIMS CIFR takes the guess work out of forecasting how many cylinders to fill and replenish at each branch. 

Customer Service

6) TIMS Price Contract Manager makes easy work of forecasting and implementing customer price contract increases from days down to hours while 7) TIMS Electronic Catalog automates inventory cost updates to protect your profit margins. We offer this service with over 500 vendors who provide CU with electronic price file updates each time they publish a price change. 

8) To reduce labor costs and shorten the cash collection cycle, TIMS automates invoice processing with e-payments. And for slow paying customers, TIMS A/R Worklists puts you in complete control over the entire collection process.   

9) If you’re looking for a simple B2B e-commerce solution for your customers to place orders, view cylinder balances or pay off invoices, TIMS E-commerce works great. If you’re looking for a modern search and shopping experience, Evolution X E-commerce is the way to go where we created a set of APIs to seamlessly integrate Evolution X with TIMS. 

Reporting & Analytics

10) And last, we’ve built a suite of TIMS Power BI® models designed to analyze different parts of your business. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by transforming your business transactions into easy-to-analyze information.  

That was a quick look at our top 10 most popular software applications designed to automate your business, maximize productivity, and provide business intelligence to run your business better. 

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Last updated: March 30, 2022