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If You Missed Users Group Last Month, Read On  


                   Grow Your Bottom Line with the Latest TIMS Enhancements 

Along with all the Accounts Payable advances, valuable metrics have been added to eCommerce. You can now analyze the...

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Business with an Integrated Credit Card System

Integrated Credit Cards—Maximizing the Benefits

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of you. And when it comes to efficiency, the simplest and easiest-to-deploy ideas win out. One of those ideas is maximizing the benefits of your...

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5 Ways TIMS Credit Card Functionality Pays Off


For over 40 years, Computers Unlimited has been refining and developing TIMS Software to be the most accurate, efficient and integrated solution on the market. TIMS integrated credit card processing is no exception to this; it can quickly help...

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