5 Ways TIMS Credit Card Functionality Pays Off


For over 40 years, Computers Unlimited has been refining and developing TIMS Software to be the most accurate, efficient and integrated solution on the market. TIMS integrated credit card processing is no exception to this; it can quickly help boost cash flow, improve A/R and reduce unnecessary costs.

Here are five areas in your business where TIMS credit card processing can help speed up cash-flow receipts and reduce back office costs.

1. Cylinder Rental/Leases - Instead of printing, mailing and manually posting cylinder invoices, speed up the entire collection process by automatically charging the customer's credit card for cylinder rental and lease invoices. Payments are automatically posted to the customer's A/R saving you unnecessary costs and data entry errors.

2. Equipment Rentals - Automatically charge customer credit cards for reoccurring equipment rental invoices to avoid unnecessary postage and handling costs.

3. Front Counter/POS - Process front counter sales quickly, easily and securely right from Order Entry. Just swipe the customer's credit card and let the integrated system quickly authorize and fund the sale amount. Speed up the entire process with the TIMS built-in credit card on file feature and avoid swiping altogether.

4. Online Bill Pay - Give your customers the freedom and convenience to pay off invoices by credit card from a secure web site. Just log in and select specific invoices to pay by credit card. Charges can also be marked for dispute.

5. Accounts Payable - Streamline vendor payments by paying off vendor invoices with a credit card and earn points!

You will also see benefits such as lower credit card rates and fees with level 2 and level 3 credit card processing available with TIMS. This type of processing expands your payment acceptance to businesses, fleets, government agencies and larger companies that are utilizing specially issued cards.

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