Computers Unlimited Expands Telemetry Partnerships

DataOnline Integrates Telemetry Data with the TIMS Bulk Gas System

We are excited to announce a new partnership with DataOnline to integrate telemetry device readings with the TIMS Bulk Gas module. DataOnline gathers and manages tank monitoring data (including volume, temperature, pressure and other parameters) and queues this data for retrieval by the TIMS Bulk Gas module via a secure and highly reliable connection.

TIMS Bulk Gas is an integrated module for managing bulk gas tank installations, forecasting, ordering, scheduling, billing, and payment processing. Integrating telemetry data increases tank forecasting refill requirements, scheduling efficiencies, and more effective routing.

In addition to DataOnline, Computers Unlimited also integrates with Wise Telemetry, and is actively developing telemetry solutions with KnowGas and GasLog.

Turn to TIMS Delivery to Process Bulk Gas Transactions at the Point of Delivery

  • Record the amount of gas delivered
  • Calculate total charges, taxes, and delivery fees 
  • Capture electronic proof of delivery
  • Process mobile credit card payments
  • Email the customer a copy of the entire transaction