Part 1: Crashed Server - South Jersey Welding


 South Jersey Welding Saw Two Words

"System Failure." You show up for work just like any other day ready to get on with business, and your server crashes.  We've all heard the horror stories about outdated servers crashing because unfortunately it's happened to a number of gas & welding companies just like yours.  

Dave Thornton at South Jersey Welding was gracious enough to share his story in the hopes that he can save any one of you from the grief and headache South Jersey went through.

The following is an excerpt of an email sent from Dave Thornton of South Jersey Welding to our Computers Unlimited  team: Tracie Hunt, Inside Sales Consultant; Ian Cox, Technical Specialist; and Rod Green, Technical Services Team Leader. 


From: David L Thornton 
Sent: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 2:48 PM
To: Tracie Hunt, Ian Cox,  Rod Green 

Subject: Server crashed

Hello All,

Hope you are well!  We are not having a good week out here.  I wasn’t sure who I should contact with this, so I chose you three to start.  Don’t you feel lucky? ha

Ian and I spoke on Monday. Our server was down. We are working on the server. The motherboard was bad. We had one next day aired-in today. They installed and are still working on the unit. This was the last info I received “We are in process of trying to recover the operating system now.  It clearly has a bad hard drive too. I know it’s painful but wanted you to know I’ve had people on this all day. It’s our top priority. The server is very slow so everything we try takes forever to complete.”  I am not feeling good about it. I am starting the “what if” conversation….

What if we cannot get this old server going?  What can be done to get us back up and running as quick as possible? Tomorrow will be the 4th day without TIMS.

I have the Server from Superior Welding Supply here also.  We purchased Superior in 2011. It is probably just as old. You guys would know. It is only an ML150 with 2-36GB drives and 4-72GB Drives.  

New Server?  Can the current backup be ran on a new Server? I didn’t think so but asking anyway.

Let me know what my options are.



David L. Thornton

 sjwelding logp.jpg

496 E Route 38
Maple Shade, NJ  08052

Please Take Note....

If you are doing the math in your head right now by trying to remember when you purchased your system server it might be time for an upgrade. An aging server is like an aging vehicle, replacement parts are hard to find and support is expensive. Chances are, if your warranty has expired, it's time to replace it. Maybe you've thought about purchasing new hardware or you've considered cloud hosting. Either way, it's your choice. You may want and need to decide soon.

Next in this series, we'll visit more with Dave about South Jersey's server crash, how their business was affected overall, the solution they chose, and we'll give you some options you can move forward with. 

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