Why Your Business Needs Imaging

CPI—Continual Process Improvement. Looking at your processes and the time and energy it takes to accomplish them may lead you to discover that there is a better way.

Here's what TIMS Document Imaging can do for you...

  • Electronic Filing Cabinet–View unlimited documents; invoices, contracts, maintenance logs, MSDS, tax documents, credit applications, and even signed delivery tickets. Access any scanned document from any PC in your business network, retrieving one document or multiple documents at the same time.
  • Simple RetrievalOne person can quickly complete the action by getting the document from TIMS Imaging. They never have to leave their desk or search through mounds of filed (or yet-to-be-filed) paperwork to find it.
  • Stop RedundancyOnce scanned, documents are set up in various 'classes' such as tickets or invoices. The Imaging system recognizes the documents and knows where to find them. It will also create a document ID at the time a delivery ticket is printed. Then, when the ticket is scanned, it knows to look at that ID, determining where the ticket is filed. Documents can also be searched by company name.
  • Update InformationHighlight, redact, or place a note or stamp on any or all pages of an imaged document. Authorizations can be set up for users to determine who can see what and who can perform certain actions. Changes to notes or comments on images will show the last user along with what they did, and when. 
  • Share InformationSend or re-send documents to customers via email, print and/or fax. Share documents between branches to a network folder. Your main branch can then index them into your system. 
  • A Unified SolutionImaging is completely integrated with your TIMS system giving you the same performance and agility that TIMS provides and that separate software components cannot. Use look-up features to locate documents quickly and easily by search filters or specific customer names. Since TIMS can now store documents you create within TIMS, invoices can be seen in CCI (Customer Centric Inquiry) and A/R Manager with no manual scanning.
  • Customer Accessibility–Scanned documents are also available to your customers through your TIMS e-commerce site, which gives them access to their own e-documents whenever it's convenient for them. In addition to viewing their e-documents, they can also pay invoices to their accounts via credit card and place orders with you.A huge game changer for both of you.




Increase your CPI. TIMS Imaging technology makes it possible to virtually eliminate the need for endless paperwork, tedious filing, and the added detective work involved in finding that one elusive piece of paper a customer is requesting ASAP. We're here to help.

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Last updated January 12th, 2022.