Don't Let Backorders Break Your Back

With TIMS, there is a better way to manage your supply chain. Serial and lot number tracking during the purchase order receiving process creates time-savings, accuracy, and a lot less headache.

Say 'no' to keeping track of customer backorders with files full of papers.
The wireless receiving module will not only track backorders, it allows you to fill them during the purchase order receiving process, so you don't waste time putting them away only to pull them again.

Say 'no' to manually notifying your purchasing agent of new backorders or quantity changes.
Backorder information with comments are available as soon as you electronically file or change an order.

No more forgetting to bill those drop ships kept in a separate file. 
Drop ship notifications are automated, so no more delays or missed drop ship billing.

No physical (or mental)  tracking of special items that normally aren't stocked from point of order to sales history.
Items sold that are not in your regular inventory are tracked throughout the process. You can also review the history of these sales to make future stocking decisions.

Say 'no' to the hassle of tracking customer requested ship complete orders.
Ship complete orders give notification of partial items and final notification of a complete ticket during the purchase order receiving process for maximum efficiency.             

Say 'YES' to TIMS and find out more about purchasing and receiving.
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Last updated January 14th, 2022.