TIMS Business Intelligence, What's It All About?

To run your business effectively, you need to access your data. TIMS provides superior reporting tools, and we'll show you how to use them. 

Recently I spoke with Adam, Business Intelligence Product Owner here at Computers Unlimited. 

Gayle:  Adam, what does self-service analytics really mean?

Adam:  It means that the end user is able to access their data so they can generate their own reports or do their own analytics, without having to be a BI or database expert. So, instead of Computers Unlimited developing a canned reporting solution or the customer having to pay for special programming, the user is able to easily find the answers they are looking for on their own.

Gayle:  What are the different methods of creating a report?

Adam:  By using your data sources, TIMS SQL tables and cubes, you can create reports using Excel, Power BI, or Visual Studio. We will show you how to take your data and make it into comprehensive reports.

Gayle:  By incorporating TIMS BI, what does the user have the power to create and why is it important?

Adam: Users can create reporting solutions that give them insight into their business performance. Reporting solutions can come in many forms, but the most common products are reports and dashboards. Various reports enable you to measure a wide variety of aspects in their day-to-day, month-to-month, and year over year business, such as how many cylinders were delivered this quarter compared to last quarter or what the revenue was at each of your branch locations last year compared to this year. It's absolutely vital for companies to be able to utilize their data to understand their business and how it is functioning.

Gayle:  Tell me about TIMS Data Connector and Warehouse?

Adam:  These are two new modules we're looking at building out. The primary goals include both fast and intuitive reporting without impacting the regular production side of the business. TIMS Data Connector gives you the power to connect and integrate TIMS with other software systems using standard interfaces.

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