Introducing the Smartphone App for Truck Deliveries

The World is Connected, and So is TIMS

Our goal is to keep your business running at optimal levels and to do that, you need to be mobile with real-time, quick as a 'click' delivery. TIMS Delivery lets you route it, load it, deliver it, and get paid for it using Android and iOS smartphones.

Here's a look at what TIMS Delivery can do for your business:

  • Truck Inventory – Truck Load/Unload/Reconcile
  • Activity-based time tracking (drive time vs. service time)
  • Dynamic delivery routing via TIMS Scheduler
  • Order integration modes (Direct, Scheduler, Walk-in, 3rd party routing)
  • Process existing orders or create new orders
  • Process warehouse transfers
  • Deliver multiple item types (gases, bulk, hardgoods, rentals)
  • Record Asset ID SKU/Lot#/Serial number using a bar code scanner or SIP key
  • Record cylinder ship and returns for both bar coded and balance-forward cylinders
  • Take pictures of damaged cylinders and collect additional information with Electronic Forms
  • Record order Notes and Comments
  • Calculate complete item pricing, taxes, delivery/hazmat fees, order totals
  • Auto-select orders for automatic invoicing, credit card processing and payment
  • Accept payments by credit card on file or mobile payment at the point of delivery
  • Capture electronic proof of delivery
  • Print/email order receipt
  • Automatic real-time integration with: TIMS Order Entry, TIMS A/R, TIMS CCI, TIMS ACM, TIMS Cylinder Exception Handler, TIMS Imaging, and TIMS Ecommerce

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