Computers Unlimited Announces New Cloud Computing Capabilities

Computers Unlimited (CU) expands its cloud computing capabilities by becoming an official Microsoft® Cloud Solution Provider. The new partnership enables distributors to run their entire TIMS Software system on Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud computing platform.

Cloud Microsoft logo

As a Cloud Solution Provider, CU manages and optimizes each customer’s unique computing environment based upon their business needs. There is no co-mingling of system resources between customers to ensure the highest level of system performance, security, and data protection.

The new cost-effective business model eliminates upfront capital costs in servers and software licenses with a user-based subscription model and targeted training services. The monthly subscription covers ongoing product enhancements, end user software support, and management of the customer’s Azure computing environment; from monitoring security threats, applying software patches and updates, to performing automatic data backups. This approach frees up working capital so that existing IT resources can spend more time implementing new software products and technologies instead of maintaining old ones.

When you add it all up, Computers Unlimited's cloud platform lets distributors focus on what’s most important—strengthening customer relationships, streamlining business operations, and protecting bottom line profits. Our cloud platform has been extremely popular with TIMS customers as cloud computing technologies continue to mature and computing costs become more competitive. CU's proven cloud business has been growing at an annual 30% user growth rate for over 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

As we kick off 2020 to celebrate a new year and decade, we look forward to making several announcements throughout the year on new TIMS Software products and capabilities that run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

So, is the cloud right for you? Contact us for a free consultation.

David Schaer
President, Computers Unlimited