Here's What Customers Are Saying About TIMS Assistant

 TIMS Assistant is a sales tool that was released in the Fall of 2018. Several of our customers are putting it to good use.

 Here's what they have to say.

From Becky Stevens & Brandon Gardiner, Buckeye Welding Supply

"TIMS Assistant has reduced the amount of manual entry and paperwork by letting drivers work from their phone and print out customer copies of sales orders on site. Looking up costs in the field and being able to email a copy of the customer receipt works great for us. It also allows for a much smoother and efficient way of restocking our trucks with items that were sold that day and makes it more convenient for our customers by allowing multiple forms of payment in the field, in particular, credit card transactions. Customers can review their receipt at the time of the transaction without having to wait for the invoice to verify the charges."

From Jake Maynard, Sutton-Garten Co. 

“Our staff uses TIMS Assistant when writing up orders away from the office or when making a delivery with ACM tracked cylinders. TIMS Assistant improves our efficiency as orders are written up in real time, dispatched quickly and seamlessly, as all cylinder bar codes are attached using the scan feature.  The system also allows our sales staff to review account information in the field if a customer has questions on pricing, gas use, or wants a quote written up immediately. TIMS Assistant has been a great asset for Sutton-Garten Company.”

From Chass Thuresson, Industrial Source

"We now have users putting in hundreds of orders per month with TIMS Assistant. It's extremely handy to have all of your customer's information including contracts, open orders, history etc. at your fingertips. Many of our guys use it to scan the customers inventory items when they are placing the order in the field. All of this has increased efficiency and accuracy. It's sometimes hard to imagine not having TIMS Assistant now! It's a fully functional mobile version of TIMS."

Mobile App TIMS Assistant Works In Your Store, At Your Dock, Or At Your Customer's Location

TIMS Assistant is available on smartphones or tablets and goes where you go!

From Jason Coffman, Cryo-Source

"I have access to all the standard TIMS information out in the field so I can get my orders in on time. TIMS Assistant has helped me with real-time cylinder inventory which has led to avoiding disputes. It’s a great time saver. I can get real-time answers to questions that I would normally have had to rely on someone else for the answer. For salespeople, it is the best tool we have had so far, just about everything I need is at my fingertips. I’m not depending on others as much, so it saves the whole company time and I have the peace of mind knowing that what I need is correct."

From Eric Terwilliger, Airweld Inc.

"Our sales staff is using it to enter orders, check inventory availability, and address cylinder balance questions in real time. They like the fact that they have the ability to address many sales history questions and how deep you can drill down in certain areas to resolve issues. It helps the sales team to be functional and responsive while in the field."

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