Computers Unlimited Launches Advanced Specialty Gas Production Module for TIMS

Billings, Montana - May 22, 2024 – Computers Unlimited, a leader in software development for industrial welding and gas distributors, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Specialty Gas Production module, a cutting-edge addition to the TIMS® platform. This new module is designed to revolutionize the production and management of made-to-order, specialty gases, providing unparalleled visibility and control over the entire production process.

The Specialty Gas Production module offers comprehensive features that allow lab managers to schedule and adjust production work seamlessly, enable lab personnel to record progress in real-time, and provide customer service and sales representatives with instant access to order statuses. This ensures timely and accurate delivery of specialty gases, significantly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Key Features of the Specialty Gas Production Module Include: 

  • Real-Time Production Tracking: Keep up to date with the status and progress of each production order for better decision-making. 
  • Role-Based Access Control: Secure system access with user roles tailored to specific responsibilities, enhancing security. 
  • Centralized Order Management: Easily schedule and check the status of orders with gas items linked to production cycles. 
  • Filtering and Sorting Capabilities: Efficiently manage and prioritize orders using various filters and sorting options. 
  • Enhanced Communication: Reduce the need for constant updates between lab personnel and customer service with accessible status updates. 
  • Improved Scheduling: Optimize production capacity and ensure timely completion with efficient scheduling tools. 
  • Boosted Customer Satisfaction: Quickly inform customers about their order status, enhancing transparency and trust. 

David Schaer, President of Computers Unlimited, expressed his enthusiasm for the new module and its potential impact on the industry: “The launch of our Specialty Gas Production module marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to provide integrated, innovative solutions for our customers. With technology like this, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are excited about the future and the possibilities this opens for our customers in the industrial gas sector.” 

With the introduction of the Specialty Gas Production module, Computers Unlimited continues to solidify its position as a pioneering force in the software industry, dedicated to delivering solutions that drive business success and industry transformation. 

For more information about the Specialty Gas Production module or to schedule a demo of the TIMS platform, please visit Computers Unlimited website or contact our sales team at 

About Computers Unlimited 

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Updated May 2024.