Grow Your Knowledge Base at Users Group

In Case You Haven't Heard, We're Talking Multi-Year Contract Pricing

If you've been considering the idea of using Multi-Year Contract Pricing* you'll want to be at this Users Group session on Tuesday, September 12th at 1pm.

Here are just a few...

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Cylinder Management Enhancements at Users Group

Mark Your Users Group Agenda For Cylinder Management Sessions

I recently spoke with Penny Mayer, Development Manager-ACM/Propane here at CU, about the upcoming classes scheduled for Users Group this year on cylinder management. Inspired by how...

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Get Your Hands-On TIMS Assistant

TIMS Assistant Is Something To See

We've developed a new mobile application that you have to see for yourself. It will truly change the way you do business by making it possible for your workforce to take your TIMS system on the go. TIMS goes out...

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Make Montana Your Destination

 When You Land in Big Sky Country, Stay Awhile.

Look up to the north from downtown Billings and you'll see the famous sandstone Rimrocks as beautiful from your view at the bottom as it is breathtaking from the top. (Hint: It's where you flew in...

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Coastal Welding Recently Honored


 Proud to Call Coastal Welding Our "Treasured" Customer

Coastal Welding Supply in Beaumont, Texas, was recently honored as a Texas Treasure by the Texas Historical Commission, having proudly served the City of Beaumont, and all of southeast...

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Happy 4th of July

If this Independence day finds you cooking for a crowd, here's an easy recipe that lets you set it and forget it with the help of a crockpot. I've made this recipe for family and friends dozens of times and it always has a way of disappearing. It...

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4 Simple Things to Make Your Workday Easier

Do These Simple Things to Make Your Workday Easier

1. Focus.  Avoid distractions like office politics, gossip and your e-mail. Only checking your email periodically will keep you on task and help you accomplish your priorities.

2. Say, "No." This...

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3 Important Reasons to Go Mobile with TIMS


Sometimes Business Decisions Are as Easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. TIMS Mobile - No matter the mobile device you choose, keeping track of your cylinder assets is streamlined with Advanced Cylinder Management. ACM is a powerful, all in one tool that not...

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Increased Demand for Cloud Computing Services Drives Record Growth

Computers Unlimited (CU), a provider of integrated software solutions, services, and support, recently made additional investments in its cloud computing platform to meet demand for its growing suite of products and services.

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TIMS Assistant Is Your New Office


Business constantly changes. It shifts, it improves, and it sometimes delights.

 Welcome to TIMS Assistant—get ready to be delighted.

TIMS new mobile application will change your game. Your sales staff will no longer be calling the office and...

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Don't Let Backorders Break Your Back


With TIMS, there is a better way to manage your supply chain. Serial and lot number tracking during the purchase order receiving process creates time-savings, accuracy, and a lot less headache.

Say 'no' to keeping track of customer backorders...

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How to Invest In Your Business Future


Improve Your Day-to-Day Business Processes with the Right Tools.

If you've been contemplating a new ERP system for your industrial gas and welding business, you've come to the right place. You may have already searched online for some of...

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Why Your Business Needs Imaging


CPI—Continual Process Improvement. Looking at your processes and the time and energy it takes to accomplish them may lead you to discover that there is a better way.

Here's what TIMS Document Imaging can do for you...

  • Electronic Filing Cabinet–
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3 Common Misconceptions About Industrial Software


A new year brings new resolutions. You've probably made the resolution to be more productive, use the tools you have for training or best practices, or get better data reporting. But if your resolutions can't be accomplished with your existing...

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5 Ways to Make Your Industrial eCommerce Site Successful


With online sales quickly approaching the one trillion dollar mark, it might be time for you to consider an ecommerce site for the benefit of your customers, your staff and your business. If you haven't jumped into this arena yet, here are some...

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Visit Us At Fabtech

As you explore Fabtech and Las Vegas, take the time to explore the software that will make your business perform at its best. Visit us at booth #N2625.


Cylinder Control – Eliminate the need to maintain cylinder tracking spreadsheets with...

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TIMS Latest Release



If You Missed Users Group Last Month, Read On  


                   Grow Your Bottom Line with the Latest TIMS Enhancements 

Along with all the Accounts Payable advances, valuable metrics have been added to eCommerce. You can now analyze the...

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Step Up Your Game with TIMS Mobile Computing

So, you know what cloud computing does, but you need to know what it

can do for your business.

At this year's Users Group, find out what it takes to get up to speed with cloud computing and why it's the right direction for your business to grow....

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Get Your Cylinder Count Under Control For Good

If you're still counting cylinders by hand, here's your solution.

Cylinder inventory counting is something that we all agree must be done, much like a check-up at the dentist's office. But cylinder counting doesn't have to hurt as much as it used...

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What You Don't Know Is Hurting Your Business

By the looks of a business name, let's call it "ABC Gas & Welding Supplies," we can conclude what it is that they do as the name says it all. They deliver a variety of gases and hardgoods to a variety of customers. Those same customers can pick...

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Is Online Hosting Right For Your Business?

Learn About the Benefits of Online Hosting vs. an Onsite Server for Your Business

Are You Ready to

See for yourself how TIMS can exceed your business needs.