Why We Love Paperless (and You Should, Too)

A staggering amount of trees are lost each year, in fact, over fifteen billion. We can help your business run smoother with less paper by using TIMS Mobile Delivery.  Management practices are simplified and paperless using TIMS software...

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10 Must-Ask Questions About Gas & Welding Software

Is Your Business Ready for a Change in Software?

Whether your system is old and outdated, or simply isn't pulling its weight, your staff is wasting valuable time and energy and this, in turn, means lost revenue for your business. Maybe it's time...

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Indiana Oxygen Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Computers Unlimited Software User Turns 100! 

Indiana Oxygen Company, Indianapolis, Indiana—In April of 1915, Walter and John Brant, brothers and Indiana natives, combined their engineering and sales talents to form the first gas production plant...

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Purchasing and Receiving–What's happening at your dock?

Inventory Management

When you get a shipment, do you put all your products away only to pull them back out to fill backorders? Do you keep a file full of backorders and a file full of drop ship lists? Are you using manual count sheets to...

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TIMS Enhanced Business Quotes

Make Your Business Quotes Stand Out

Ok....Here's your test....Pencils ready.....Eyes straight ahead....Find the objects that make the two screen shots below different from each other. Which one is the legible, professional, I can't help but say yes,

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Why Independent Distributors Are Choosing Online Hosting—Part 2

How an Online Hosting Solution Can Become an Independent Distributor's Most Valued Asset

Last week, we talked about problems that can occur with your hardware system like lost data, system crashes and lost productivity.       Click here to read Part...

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Why Independent Distributors Are Choosing Online Hosting

As an independent business owner, you have a busy schedule and lots of worries. You worry about your computer system’s hardware and licensing, whether your backups are happening, not to mention paying that extra IT guy.

Less IS  More—When you...

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Business with an Integrated Credit Card System

Integrated Credit Cards—Maximizing the Benefits

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of you. And when it comes to efficiency, the simplest and easiest-to-deploy ideas win out. One of those ideas is maximizing the benefits of your...

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A General Distributing Story

Three Generations of Family and Technology

very family has stories, including CU customers. Read their stories about family, business and how technology has changed over the years, and how embracing new generations—of family and technology—has...

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Family-Owned Company Embracing Technology

New generations are eager to explore and embrace technology as an essential business tool, and it’s paying off.

One family-owned distributor agreed to help us explore this very idea – that generations of technology could help secure the future...

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Avoid Out of Test Cylinders

If out of test cylinders don’t normally catch your attention, now might be a good time to take notice.

Beginning October 1, 2013, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) put into effect several revised baseline...

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Mobile Computing - Seamless Integration

Mobile Computing is an exceptional tool that makes the most of your time and dollars for your business.

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TIMS Mobile Delivery

Mobile Computing is one of the hottest business tools in today’s market. It delivers an extremely effective way to make the most of time and dollars for your business.

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What Can Cloud Computing Do For My Business?

Cloud Computing can provide a secure, reliable, online solution to help you better manage your distribution – as well as your billing and tracking of welding supplies, packaged gases and rental equipment. It can also help you eliminate the high,...

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What Can A Powerful eCommerce Strategy Do For You?

Glad you asked! TIMS eCommerce can offer fast, secure and reliable online business. And fast.

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5 Ways TIMS Credit Card Functionality Pays Off


For over 40 years, Computers Unlimited has been refining and developing TIMS Software to be the most accurate, efficient and integrated solution on the market. TIMS integrated credit card processing is no exception to this; it can quickly help...

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Take Business Intelligence to the Next Level with Mobile Computing

Analyze your entire cylinder fleet with TIMS Business Intelligence tools. Drill down to a wealth of cylinder information and make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Benefits of One Integrated System with ACM

One unified solution integrates your cylinder operation from filling to billing to servicing the customer. Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) eliminates the need to use a separate cylinder tracking system. Full and seamless integration with TIMS...

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New Year, New Goals. Unify Your Business with Mobile Computing

Is there a better way to run your industrial distribution company? What business model should you use? What role does information technology (IT) play in your organization? Is IT a strategic asset or liability? And what is the best way to monitor...

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A Roadmap for Cylinder Bar Coding

How to start managing your compressed gas cylinder fleet with bar code tags:

1. Get TIMS Software with the Advanced Cylinder Management add-on

2. Print sheets of bar code labels (3rd party service)

3. Tag both sides of every cylinder in your...

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Is Online Hosting Right For Your Business?

Learn About the Benefits of Online Hosting vs. an Onsite Server for Your Business

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