5 Ways to Make Your Industrial eCommerce Site Successful

With online sales quickly approaching the one trillion dollar mark, it might be time for you to consider an ecommerce site for the benefit of your customers, your staff and your business. If you haven't jumped into this arena yet, here are some...

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What You Don't Know Is Hurting Your Business

By the looks of a business name, let's call it "ABC Gas & Welding Supplies," we can conclude what it is that they do as the name says it all. They deliver a variety of gases and hardgoods to a variety of customers. Those same customers can pick up...

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10 Must-Ask Questions About Gas & Welding Software

Is Your Business Ready for a Change in Software?

Whether your system is old and outdated, or simply isn't pulling its weight, your staff is wasting valuable time and energy and this, in turn, means lost revenue for your business. Maybe it's time to...

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Indiana Oxygen Celebrates 100th Anniversary (circa. 2016)

Customer since 1989, Indiana Oxygen Turns 100! 

Indiana Oxygen Company, Indianapolis, Indiana—In April of 1915, Walter and John Brant, brothers and Indiana natives, combined their engineering and sales talents to form the first gas production plant...

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