TIMS Software continues long-standing commitment to HME industry with Medtrade attendance

Posted by Crystal Hopper

February 2, 2018 at 1:59 PM

Computers Unlimited and TIMS Software for HME have been exhibiting annually at Medtrade since 1990 (photographic evidence below). We are excited to continue our commitment to HME providers through our attendance at the Medtrade events in 2018. These events have always proven to be fruitful opportunities to visit with our customers, showcase our latest features to TIMS users and prospects and network with a broad range of industry leaders and stakeholders.


Medtrade is the premier event for the home medical equipment community. Attendees will find resources and opportunities to network with experts as they learn to survive the dynamic waves of the HME/DME industry. Providers in the HME sphere will benefit as business professionals gather to share their stories and qualified knowledge. Medtrade continues to be an essential stop for all providers that look to better understand the current industry climate and learn about business strategies moving forward.

Our primary purpose in attending Medtrade Spring is to make ourselves available to our users, and invite prospective customers to become acquainted with our company, products and services. Computers Unlimited is very much a service-based company with a premium suite of Enterprise software applications directed toward best practices in the HME industry. Attendees will certainly see new features, products and concepts but, just as importantly, attendees will find Computers Unlimited to be a responsive, customer-focused systems provider with an expansive and deeply integrated software worthy of serious consideration.

Having a highly functional billing/reimbursement software is absolutely a core requirement for any successful HME. Additionally, what is important for today’s HME provider is to realize systems are not just billing systems. Today’s technologies deliver more opportunities for HME providers to introduce higher levels of efficiencies in every aspect of the business operation, not just billing. Systems have become highly tuned to exact industry needs for all personnel within a provider’s organization—topics such as inventory control and delivery practice cannot be ignored. Without modern, deeply integrated tools in place, many HMEs are unknowingly behind the technology curve, and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to catch up. Any provider with a system 4-5 years old is already behind.

It would be a gross over-simplification to excpect any HME provider to consider just a single factor if they are looking to change and/or upgrade their software system. But to consolidate two factors that are certainly primary considerations, Computers Unlimited strongly suggests that the choice be the right fit. Fit from the perspective of having a highly functional suite of applications fine-tuned for the HME provider. And, just as importantly, fit from the corporate perspective of a robust vendor partnership. Systems are deeply embedded within organizations. Prying one system away to install another cannot be accomplished successfully without heavy reliance on vendor resources and industry know-how. The quality of vendor resources for implementation, training and ongoing support will have an impact equal or greater to the fit of the software/billing system.

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