What Can A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? – Part 2

Finding a capable system that has a direct effect on your bottom line eases current pressures on providers. The TIMS A/R Collections Worklists application helps you quickly execute actions for denied claims or unpaid A/R. The Worklists' toolbox...
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What Can the A/R Collections Worklist Do for Me? - Part 1

The A/R Collections Worklist is a single, all-in-one application that can decrease A/R days, reduce the cost of insurance collection payments, and simplify claim denial follow-ups. Create a variety of custom-defined, real-time, interactive...
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5 Reasons a Custom Defined Worklist Can Help with A/R, Denials & Timely Filing

The billing of goods and services is a time-consuming task. Processing Accounts Receivable often consists of dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s repetitively. Paperwork usually overwhelms the process as some struggle to efficiently manage the...

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