A/R Collections Worklist Can Be Worked In Real Time (Part 1)

The A/R Collections Worklist is a single, all-in-one application that can decrease A/R days, reduce the cost of insurance collection payments, and simplify claim denial follow-ups. Create a variety of custom-defined, real-time, interactive worklists for your A/R and Collections teams to work. Learn all that the A/R Worklist can do for you in the following insightful list of benefits.

Change? Change is Good!

Worklists are dynamic. Meaning that they can change as you work them, leaving remaining non-worked items. Feel free to search and filter to work the most important items first. Gray_Rectangle-1.jpg


As actions are taken and logged, it provides management and the means to understand collection efforts along with related results. Use specific production reports to measure and monitor each individual’s A/R collection efforts. Every action taken on every line of A/R becomes visible, allowing active awareness of everyone who touches a line of A/R.

Work in Real-Time A/R

Unlike a static report, the A/R Collections Worklist is in real-time, reducing any extra effort on your part. No need to concern yourself over what your team members have addressed. View the complete work history so that no one on the team does double the work.

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Last updated July 12th, 2021.