What KPIs Show I Have Strong Revenue Cycle Management Practices?

Revenue Cycle: Establish KPI Goals

Q: What KPIs show I have strong Revenue Cycle Management practices?

A: Industry experts suggest that every team member have performance goals, engage in monthly feedback sessions with their team and manager,...

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TIMS Provides You Automation at Your Fingertips

There has been an ongoing movement in the HME industry to incorporate complete business solutions that combine automation and integration across business processes. TIMS Software has been ahead of the movement and continues to provide products...

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TIMS Medical Showcase: Release 30

TIMS Software is ever evolving in response to industry demands and customer growth. Our release blogs showcase a summary of the software's newest features and upgrades. If you’re already a TIMS user, please login to our customer portal to view a...

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What Can the A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? – Part 4

Productivity ensures profitability in the HME industry. This sentiment remains true as reimbursement rates continue to decrease. As HME companies monitor productivity metrics, management can prioritize productivity goals. HME providers will look...

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What Can the A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? - Part 3

This edition of the A/R Collections blog will review key items that allow users to simplify the A/R collections process with TIMS A/R Collections Worklists. Here are three essential features that will eliminate costly manual steps in order to...

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What Can A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? – Part 2

Finding a capable system that has a direct effect on your bottom line eases current pressures on providers. The TIMS A/R Collections Worklists application helps you quickly execute actions for denied claims or unpaid A/R. The Worklists' toolbox...
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