With Improved Productivity, How Else Could You Spend Your Time?

Streamline Your HME/DME Business Processes ... and Focus on What Matters Most

Step away from your desk! Your business management software can give you the tools to streamline your day-to-day processes and provide the clarity you need to move past...

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Nobody Likes Rejection

Tips for Improving HME/DME Claims Reimbursement  

Few things upset an HME business owner more than having to write off revenue due to insurance rejections or denials. But many of the factors that lead to these rejections and denials are within your...

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What KPIs Show I Have Strong Revenue Cycle Management Practices?

Q: What KPIs show I have strong Revenue Cycle Management practices?

A: Industry experts suggest that every team member have performance goals, engage in monthly feedback sessions with their team and manager, and receive incentives for performance...

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TIMS Provides You Automation at Your Fingertips

There has been an ongoing movement in the HME industry to incorporate complete business solutions that combine automation and integration across business processes. TIMS Software has been ahead of the movement and continues to provide products that...

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A/R Collections Worklists - A Cornerstone For Profitability (Part 4)

Productivity is a cornerstone for profitability within the HME industry. This sentiment remains true as reimbursement rates continue to decrease. As HME companies monitor productivity metrics, management can prioritize productivity goals. HME...

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A/R Collections Worklist Eliminates Manual Processes (Part 3)

This edition of the A/R Collections blog will review key items that allow users to simplify the A/R collections process with TIMS A/R Collections Worklists. Here are three essential features that will eliminate costly manual steps and positively...

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