TIMS Provides You Automation at Your Fingertips

There has been an ongoing movement in the HME industry to incorporate complete business solutions that combine automation and integration across business processes. TIMS Software has been ahead of the movement and continues to provide products that offer our users a simple-to-use, integrated system.  Here are a few of our elite products that simplify your business strategy. 

TIMS Delivery

TIMS Delivery is an electronic delivery system that allows drivers to accurately and efficiently process their deliveries. Developed from the ground up by Computers Unlimited, it is fully integrated with all respects of the larger TIMS ERP.  Functions of the entire delivery process become automated, and drivers send and receive accurate data real-time.  Inventory management, invoicing, and payments are all seamlessly addressed.  For distributors with multiple and complex delivery considerations, robust route optimization tools are also available.


TIMS Workflow is entirely user-defined and simplifies your everyday tasks. Create an unlimited number of workflows to manage a unique series of work states and tasks. Then, simply assign an individual or group responsible for their completion. Automate your everyday tasks in a convenient manner that fits your chosen business processes. Send emails, create tasks or execute custom logic automatically whenever workflow states change.

Inbound Document Routing (IDR)

Take another step toward becoming entirely paperless as you swiftly create your patient intake and immediately assign the tasks to the appropriate customer service representative.  IDR automatically images clinical documents to the patient’s account and eliminates the extra steps of manually scanning paperwork and balancing CSR workloads. Documents processed through IDR automatically become part of the patient’s electronic medical record without any further steps.

A/R Collections Worklists

Create a variety of user-defined, real-time, and interactive worklists for your collections team to work A/R, denials, and timely filing. Worklist rules are flexible, allowing you to recreate your current collection reports as worklists.  Unlike working from a report, the worklist pulls real-time A/R, claim and denial information.

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CU’s Senior Systems Consultant, Dan Greyn, will be a participant at this year's HME Business Summit.  Greyn will join a panel of speakers who will address concerns regarding the future of automation in the HME industry. Greyn will share special insights he has gained over 22 years of software industry experience and the unique challenges HME/DME providers encounter.  If you are planning to attend the HME Business Summit, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Dan and discuss what TIMS is doing for automating and integrating business processes.