Is Your HME Business Really Paperless?

Your Next Step for Putting Paper in the Past

So, you say you have a “paperless office”—you’ve traded your packed-to-the-brim file cabinets for a scanner and electronic document management system. You upload your faxed orders and referrals and shred...

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What KPIs Show I Have Strong Revenue Cycle Management Practices?

Q: What KPIs show I have strong Revenue Cycle Management practices?

A: Industry experts suggest that every team member have performance goals, engage in monthly feedback sessions with their team and manager, and receive incentives for performance...

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HME Providers Can Cultivate New Markets By Tapping Into Claims And Patient Data

There's Gold in Your Claims and Patient Data

In 2018, Doug Iversen, Sales and Marketing Director, Retired, for Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software, participated in an article posted by The article explores how providers can...

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3 Features That Drive TIMS Patient Intake

In a world without digital patient intake, customer service representatives (CSRs) would find themselves stuck in the mud. With paper copies, filing, faxing and writing-up documents, the amount of paperwork one would have to deal with would be...

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4 Ways to Assign Documents with Inbound Document Routing

When processing clinical documentation, an abundance of paperwork is a sign of a long day and potential headaches. The longer you spend on paper documents, the longer it takes to earn a profit. In addition, services to patients may be prolonged if...

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3 Reasons That Will Make Patient Intake Easier

Completing a patient intake is a grueling task when providers lack necessary documents to dispense a product. Without the correct documentation, customer service representatives (CSRs) chase after referrals and work from the back end wasting time...

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