Become a Master of Front-End Processing with TIMS

Front-end processing is an integral facet of your HME business. As a result, HME companies seek a software solution that enhances efficiency and maximizes profits. At this year's Users Group, TIMS Software will guide you through the front-end process as you look to eliminate the hassle and cost of overseeing multiple systems to manage your business.

Attendees at this year's Users Group will engage in a unique experience. A portion of the conference will feature interactive stations. Each station will highlight specific topics (Revenue Cycle Management; Document Management, TIMS Delivery, etc.) within TIMS. These stations will give users the freedom to visit with our product owners and receive expert instruction on our latest advancements. Jeanette Eklund, product owner of developing and emerging technologies, will head the front-end processing station. Learn about Intake, Inbound Document Routing, Advanced Workflow and several other key items at this station.


TIMS Patient Intake is used to create patient records, generate forms, and contains elements necessary to manage the process of medical intake. Acquire the ability to effectively use the clean and simple interface as it gives you a way to easily manage your patient workflow. Also, worklists of all open intakes/orders remain visible and available at your fingertips. Users will no longer have to work from a paper format as visibility of one's work is displayed to key members of your team.

Document-Sending-Blue-Icon-RGB.pngInbound Document Routing

Inbound Document Routing (IDR) eliminates the paperwork and increases procedural performance. Learn how to process incoming documents in an efficient, timely manner. Celebrate the elimination of manually scanning documents as you rediscover the convenience the TIMS Imaging database provides. IDR automatically captures and associates clinical records to the patient order. Plus, incoming faxes are brought directly into the TIMS database and queued up in a worklist. Users exclusively work within TIMS and excuse the need to visit a fax machine. 

Arrows-Stability-Blue-Icon-RGB.pngAdvanced Workflow

Learn how to create an unlimited amount of workflows to manage a series of work states and tasks with TIMS Advanced Workflow. Receive useful tips on how to assign an individual or group to complete a specific task. Build your standard operating procedures in the system to ensure that every step of the process is followed. Learn how to set up processes specific to product lines or payers.   

Come to the station with issues you are facing today and discuss possible solutions with CU staff and fellow TIMS users. Immerse yourself in our latest developments as you learn about our exceptional product at this year's Users Group.

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