With Improved Productivity, How Else Could You Spend Your Time?

Streamline Your HME/DME Business Processes ... and Focus on What Matters Most

Step away from your desk! Your business management software can give you the tools to streamline your day-to-day processes and provide the clarity you need to move past the details, better identify your priorities, and get more done—leaving you time to focus on what matters most. 

Here's how: 

Track and bill claims with a paperless solution.
Don't waste time searching for the paperwork you need time and time again. With TIMS Software Inbound Document Routing, you can digitally receive and upload incoming faxes to your system, where they're time and date stamped. From there, you can assign each document to a customer service representative or a work queue. Documents are filed in TIMS Software Imaging and are instantly viewable throughout the system. As additional documents are generated, they are also automatically tied to a workflow, leaving an audit trail of every outgoing request and incoming document related to an order.

Quickly view staff workloads with built-in dashboards.
Using the TIMS Software Intake dashboard, you can quickly see which state each order is in. As an order is moved to each step in the workflow, a team or individual is assigned to it. This allows you to review the current workload of each team or staff person, and assign additional staff resources or make adjustments when necessary.

Manage A/R and denials with interactive worklists.
When you incorporate user worklists, you know the status of any document or authorization, whether it's new, submitted, overdue, returned, accepted, rejected, or dismissed, letting you review and take immediate action. You have the visibility and clarity to monitor states in document or authorization management, or by using BI Reporting.

Electronically control inventory and rentals.
Having too much inventory on-hand creates unnecessary expenses, and having too little inventory could lead to lost revenue. The TIMS Software Inventory tool helps you maintain supply levels at your warehouse and branch locations, and tracks the quantity on-hand, committed, purchased, and back ordered. Other features that help your team stay on top of quantities include physical counts, cycle counts, barcode tracking, automated purchasing, and P/O receiving.

Provide products directly to your customer.
Sell products without having to stock them, pick them up, or deliver them. With TIMS Software's eDrop Ship tool, you create and send purchase orders automatically to your vendor via EDI using TIMS Intake, Order Entry, or Scheduled Delivery. The electronic P/O will prompt the vendor to directly ship products to the customer, and you'll receive a confirmation or exception email. To close the loop, orders are updated in the TIMS Software system to reflect the quantities shipped and the shipping date once the EDI invoice has been received.

Optimize delivery.
When you do deliver products to your own inventory or warehouse, use TIMS Scheduler to optimize routes, avoid heavy traffic, and stay on course with turn-by-turn directions. Once your driver is at the delivery location, increase efficiency with delivery prompts and checklists, and the ability to update orders on-site, collect electronic signatures, submit forms, take credit card payments, print or email receipts, and more.

There's nothing better than making the best possible use of your time. That's where we come in! Let's work together to see how TIMS Software can help your team.

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This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2024-02-01