Is It Time to Make the Move to Mobile?

Our Top Resources for Simpler, Easier, and Faster HME Delivery

Delivery isn't cheap ... especially if you're delivering the old fashioned way. But it's now possible to take control and turn your costs into profits, while offering excellent service in home delivery and curbside pickup. Here's a roundup of our top five resources for incorporating a mobile delivery tool into your routing, delivery, and logistics processes.

1) "Uberize" Your HME/DME Deliveries – Remember when hailing a cab, renting a car, or navigating public transportation were your only options for getting around when visiting a new city? Just as ride sharing companies have revolutionized transportation, Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software President David Schaer explains that today's leading ERP platforms now offer Uber-like capabilities that are transforming HME/DME delivery methods.

2) Five HME Delivery Road Bumps to Avoid – Are you taking the most efficient route to maximize success for your HME business? Or is your course fraught with road bumps? Learn how you can prepare your team to navigate five common delivery issues and maximize productivity with tools that harness the newest developments in mobile software technology.

3) Drive Down Your Fleet, Fuel, and Overtime Expenses – Do you wonder why your drivers always seem to get lost or hit heavy traffic areas at exactly the worst time, causing late deliveries and additional fleet, fuel, and overtime costs? Are deliveries chaotic, unorganized, and inefficient? It shouldn't be that way! Delivery can be a seamless, organized, and profitable part of your business strategy ... here's how.

4) Pair Your People With TIMS Delivery for Better Efficiency – Is labor one of your biggest delivery expenses? From drivers to dispatch and customer service operators, back office staff, and others, there are a lot of people who support your delivery operations. The TIMS Delivery mobile app can help your business do more—giving you the opportunity to grow, without having to hire additional staff.

5) Want Loyal Customers? Make Deliveries Easy With Mobile Technology - Your drivers and technicians play an important role in the overall customer experience. Do they have the tools they need to make a great impression? A mobile solution, like TIMS Delivery, helps your team be more accurate and adaptable—and that can go a long way toward turning your patients into loyal, long-term customers.

TIMS_HME_Delivery_Preferred_Homecare_Cost_Savings_Case_StudyPLUS ... Does going mobile seem too good to be true? It's not!
Download the case study
 to read how one HME provider used TIMS Delivery to reduce their fleet costs by 20 percent, decrease their fuel consumption by 34 percent, and lower vehicle maintenance costs by 28 percent—all while increasing their efficiency to handle 17 percent more deliveries.

In an industry where profit margins are razor thin, saving money on deliveries has become more important than ever before. Want to learn more about how TIMS Delivery can help?

This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2024-02-01