What Can the A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? - Part 3

This edition of the A/R Collections blog will review key items that allow users to simplify the A/R collections process with TIMS A/R Collections Worklists. Here are three essential features that will eliminate costly manual steps in order to increase your bottom line.

1. Research & Work from One Document
No need to concern yourself with multiple applications to accomplish your collection goals. Collections agents can research and work from a single application. You’ll have all the information you need to take action on a patient’s account and the EOB. Also, gain access to a patient’s open and historic A/R, full history of a line’s A/R transactions, worked history and claim tracking information. 
2. Your Actions Are Logged & Tracked

Every action taken when working a worklist is logged so you have a record of collectors' activities. Because every action is tracked and logged, you’ll know who has done what and when on the worklist. Accountability for everyone’s actions will increase transparency and make your collectors more efficient in the long run. 

Gray_Rectangle-1.jpg3. Send Attachments with Claim Appeals

Generate and send claim appeals with attachments, using payer specific appeal forms. Within one application, you can create all necessary follow-up forms, including important document attachments that are needed - especially with appeal forms.

The A/R Collections Worklists incorporates multiple features within one application to give users a fully integrated experience to complete your workflow effectively. Download our fact sheet on the A/R Collections Worklists to receive a complete overview of this helpful tool. 

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