What Can A/R Collections Worklists Do for Me? – Part 2

Finding a capable system that has a direct effect on your bottom line eases current pressures on providers. The TIMS A/R Collections Worklists application helps you quickly execute actions for denied claims or unpaid A/R. The Worklists' toolbox offers a variety of choices for you to get claims paid faster. Take a moment to learn all that the A/R Collections Worklists can do for you.
Generate Forms
Save yourself a headache—filing and tracking appeals is now a breeze. TIMS offers complete control of your appeals process. Utilize the 'Generate Form' action for claim denials, and quickly file an appeal, or send off a letter to the payer.
Resubmit a Claim
The worklist allows users to resubmit claims. This can be accomplished in either batch or through a hardcopy. No need to limit yourself, either. Multiple lines can be resubmitted as well.
Transfer A/R
Need to transfer A/R? No problem. Transfer the complete or partial A/R amount to another responsibility. A transfer/write-off combination can be done if you need to transfer part of the amount to a patient, and the rest of the amount can be a write-off.

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