Let TIMS Manage Your Revenue Cycle

Our annual Users Group Conferences provide endless opportunities to reveal and address specific deficiencies with your revenue cycle. In 2017, Product Owner, Megan G. provided instruction as to how TIMS Software improves back-end efficiencies and helps you increase reimbursement rates. Our latest products will expedite the increase of reimbursement rates as customer service representatives (CSRs) utilize TIMS' innovative solutions. Here's a brief list of what users learned at the revenue cycle interactive learning station

A/R Collections Worklists

TIMS A/R Collections Worklists allow CSRs to create a variety of custom defined, real-time, worklists to work A/R, denials and timely filing. Save a tree as you eliminate the need to print reports. Configure each dynamic worklist according to your preferences. 

A/R Adjustment Approval System

Users can manage the adjustment approval process all within TIMS without the use of email, reports or paper. As a TIMS user, you'll gain the following efficiencies as well:

  • Define and assign dollar amount approval limits.
  • Review, approve and deny adjustments that require approval from a worklist application.
  • Communicate a denial to the collector with a task to correct and resubmit. 

Computers Unlimited's annual Users Group Conference continues to be a valuable forum for learning and collaborating with our Product Owners and development team. TIMS users gain the knowledge they need to optimize system features, and CU learns what system features users will need to meet oncoming industry challenges. The Users Group Conference is open to both existing users and prospective users, too.