5 Reasons a Custom Worklist Helps with A/R, Denials & Timely Filing

The billing of goods and services is a time-consuming task. Processing Accounts Receivable often consists of dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s repetitively. Paperwork usually overwhelms the process as some struggle to efficiently manage the workload. The manual course of action requires working off paper copy reports which leaves an individual outside of the system to work a report, then jump back into the system to update the information. This is a long and tedious operation, especially if you’re behind in your work schedule. When you’re behind in work, you’re missing out on revenue. That’s a big no-no!

In the digital world, there’s less paper and more efficiency. Time is saved when your workflow is simplified and customized to your liking. The Collections Worklist allows you to create a variety of custom defined worklists to work A/R, denials and timely filing. If you’re not convinced that one application can do it all, then here are five reasons to convince you otherwise:

1. Research & Work from One Application

Collection agents can research and work from a single application, rather than jumping from a report, to CCI, to Claims Management and A/R Manager. You’ll have all the information you need to take action on a patient’s account and the EOB.  Also, gain access to a patient’s open and historic A/R, full history of a line’s A/R transactions, worked history and claim tracking information. 

2. Work in Real-Time A/R

Unlike a report, the A/R is in real-time, reducing any extra effort on your part. No need to concern yourself over what your team members have worked on—you can view the complete work history so that no one on the team does double the work.

3. Your Actions Are Logged & Tracked

Every action against the A/R is logged so you can see the history of the A/R line and the claim. Because every action is tracked and logged, you’ll know who has done what and when on the worklist. Accountability for everyone’s actions will increase efficiency. 

4. Send Attachments with Claim Appeals

Generate and send claim appeals with attachments, using payer specific appeal forms. Within one application, you can grab a specific line and send an attachment with an appeal form at a moment’s notice.

5. View & Create Notes for Every Action

View A/R notes at the line level, or see all A/R notes for the account. The notes title populates whenever an action is taken. If a note is created when generating a claim appeal, the image of the appeal is viewable from the note.

The Collections Worklist incorporates multiple features within one application to give users a fully integrated experience to complete your workflow effectively. It is an easily manageable system that conveniently streamlines your tasks to save you time and money.

Contact me for a tailored demo of TIMS.    Gail Turner HME System SalesLast updated March 23, 2021.