Turn Every Patient into a Paying Patient

Patients taking too long to pay? Not enough cash coming in the door? Spending too much time collecting from patients?

In an industry where costs are rising and margins are shrinking, can you really afford leaving money on the table?


Adopt a 100% payment model with COLLECTPlus©, the private-pay billing and collections system supported by Computers Unlimited and TIMS Software.

  • Enhanced integration with TIMS; full customer support at no cost to you!
  • Invoice statements available online
  • Payment portal allows for full or partial payment, payment plans, recurring charges – and MORE
  • Auto posting
  • Reduce staff hours spent on billing and collections
  • Monitor your outstanding collections in real-time with easy-to-use dashboards

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If your current process does not include the above features then you are leaving cash on the table. Let us collect the cash you deserve. Find out more about Allegiance Group >>



Last updated January 25th, 2021.